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Jan 08 2024
SURVIVOR AUSTRALIA's Naked Daddies + Golden Globes: Asshole Jo Koy Bombs + Boebert Focus Of ACTIVE INVESTIGATION Over Domestic Fisticuffs + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: We don't talk about the late Edson Stroll enough.

BELOW: Keep reading for naked Australian daddies, Jo Koy's atomic bomb and more ...


OMG.BLOG!: Survivor Australia's naked-as-hell daddies. (Guys half my age are now daddies ... oh, joy!)

EXTRATV: All the Golden Globes winners, including big wins for Oppenheimer, Succession, Poor Things and Anatomy of a Fall.

Deidre-hall-boycultureMarlena Evans for the kill! (Image via Facebook)

FACEBOOK: How bad was Jo Koy? So bad that classy industry veteran Deidre Hall couldn't resist chiming in.

@thetheagrabiec HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE AT A JO KOY SHOW 💔💔 #jokoy #comedy #lgbt #protectqueeryouth #gay #lesbian #nonbinary #loveislove #fyp ♬ original sound - theagrabiec

TIKTOK: People are dunking on this dyke for exposing how anti-gay and anti-woke Jo Koy is, like that makes her a snowflake. No, fuckfaces, there is a huge difference between being hypersensitive and always being the butt of the joke — when the joke isn't a joke. Glad his career is over.

PAGE SIX: I personally thought Jo Koy was horrible, the all-time worst host of any award show ever. As for his Taylor Swift joke, it was not negative toward her, and I interpreted her reaction as playing along. Everyone else thinks she was livid. I don't get it.

NYT: Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is a private guy — so private that when he recently underwent an elective procedure, he was so embarrassed by it he didn't let anyone know when it went haywire and he was in an ICU for several days. This is a huge breach of procedure and security — how could POTUS not be informed, especially with so many hot spots flaring up internationally?! And yet, President Biden must have supreme faith in this guy — he won't accept any suggestion that the man resign.

Shirtless-hot-guys-boycultureThe next best thing to dipping your nipples in amber. (Image via Instagram)

SOCIALITE LIFE: Another Male Model Monday.

DAILY BEAST: Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) can't outrun her past.

CBS NEWS: Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) can barely outrun her PRESENT!

NBC NEWS: In case you're being suckered into feeling bad for Mary Lou Retton, know this — she personally urged the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein to DROP a bill protecting athletes from sexual assault, she's anti-Obamacare (which is why she had no insurance) and she is an anti-vaxxer. She's such an idiot — she is chirping that she simply couldn't afford insurance when in reality she refused it! She could have been on Obamacare.

PINK NEWS: Andrew Scott says “openly gay” has had its day.

PEOPLE: Boy George is opening up about abuse he witnessed in his childhood in his latest memoir, Karma.

Boy-george-autobiography-karma-boycultureI wonder if he will discuss the abuse of which he was convicted himself? (Image via Amazon)

INSTAGRAM: Today's birthdays: