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Jan 02 2024
Secret History Of THE LORD WON'T MIND's Gordon Merrick + Kelly Clarkson Marries 2 Guys + Kim Davis Going For Broke + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

Vintage-cowboy-boycultureGiddyup! (Image via vintage photo)

ABOVE: It's a prime example of a CILF.

BELOW: Gordon Merrick didn't mind, Kelly Clarkson pronounces you man and husband plus more ...

Gordon-merrick-boycultureMuch of his work was autobiographical. (Image via Princeton University Library)

PRINCETON ALUMNI WEEKLY: Gordon Merrick's gay novels may seem a bit cheesy today (I haven't re-read The Lord Won't Mind recently), but he was a huge part of the development of the gay literary canon. This new piece on how and why he worked is fascinating even if you're not a fan.

EW: I've never quite forgotten Kelly Clarkson praising Ron Paul (it was forever ago, she seemed ignorant), but this NYE, she helped marry a gay couple.

LEXINGTON HERALD LEADER: 'Member Kim Davis?! She looks closer than ever to having to shell out $260,104 to those gay couples she disenfranchised.

HUFF POST: Doomed to lose, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) is bolting her district in favor of an even redder one. It's really her only shot at surviving 2024, but her excuse that Hollywood was trying to buy her old seat is pathetic.

PINK NEWS: Two days into 2024, and bigots are STILL fuming that CNN aired a male-male kiss on NYE.

VLADTV: Rapper Boosie was mortally offended, on behalf of his child, by the gay shit in The Color Purple which, in case you haven't seen this version, is more fleshed out for adults than it was in the original, yet would have gone right over his kid's head. But the buffoon walked out.