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Jan 17 2024
Hot Male Actors Who Have JOed For Their Art ... These Roles Were JUICY 💦 Comments (0)

Jeremy Allen White Cum Shot(Images via Mr. Man)

Via Mr. Man:

Sometimes a juicy role requires an actor to go the extra mile on screen — or at least 7 or so inches.

See these full NSFW masturbation scenes here

Point being, these brave young men were all up to the task! Today, Mr. Man is rounding up the best celebrity JO scenes caught on camera. Talk about a sticky situation ...

Jeremy Allen White Jerk Off

Jeremy Allen White, who is the moment, had a private moment to himself in his breakout series Shameless, jerking off while watching porn on his phone. Plus, in an earlier episode, he gets so excited in his sleep that he front-loads his boxers. Nocturnal emission: Possible. 

Timothee Chalamet Jerk Off

No list of celebrity jerk-off scenes would be complete with the other actor “It” actor of 2024, Timothée Chalamet. Wonka himself famously got intimate with a peach in Call Me by Your Name — the movie that first introduced most of the world to Chalamet’s irresistible sex appeal. 

Josh Hutcherson Jerk Off

Josh Hutcherson blew up the box office in 2023 with his smash-hit horror movie Five Nights at Freddy’s. He’s becoming known in the industry for taking on quirky roles, including his offbeat Hulu series Future Man. In the very first episode, Hutcherson is caught jerking off ... and even blows his load on another man!

Will Sharpe Jerk Off

Will Sharpe was caught masturbating to porn in his hotel room by Aubrey Plaza in Season 2 of The White Lotus.

Manu Rios Jerk Off

Aron Piper Jerk Off

Dozens of scenes from Elite live rent-free in our minds, including this pair of awesome jerk-off shots. Arón Piper jerks off in the boys’ locker room while having a sexual fantasy about Omar Ayuso and Manu Ríos in Season 4.

Aron Piper Fantasy

Speaking of Manu, he enjoys a mutual masturbation moment with André Lamoglia in the following season.

Parker Marx Jerk Off

After some intense fooling around in the explicit gay movie Sweat, Parker Marx unleashes his dude juice all over Jesse Charif's chest while fingering his own hole.


Israeli stunner Tom Mercier is considered to have the biggest penis of any actor. Judge for yourself as he gets visibly hard on camera while jerking off in the shower in Synonyms.

Daniel Radcliffe Jerk Off

And finally, Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, feverishly jerks off in a chair bottomless in Kill Your Darlings. Now, if we could only get him to jerk off in a bottomless chair ... real magic could be made.