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Jan 26 2024
Oscar Nominees Who Showed Their TROPHIES Comments (0)



Via Mr. Man:


The Oscar nominations are out, and some of the sexiest leading men in Hollywood are getting the recognition they deserve for their incredible performances over the past year. Today, we’re focusing on the 2024 Oscar nominees who previously displayed their sizable talents on screen. Yes, we’re talking frontal nudity from stars like Matt Bomer, Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper. Whether these men walk away with an award or not during the Oscars on Sunday, March 12, they’re all wieners in our book ...


Bradley Cooper is nominated for Best Actor for his performance in the Leonard Bernstein biopic Maestro. While he didn’t receive the Best Director nomination here, Maestro is nominated for Best Picture. Cooper famously flashed his manhood in 2021’s Nightmare Alley!



Speaking of Maestro, Matt Bomer’s performance as Cooper’s lover surely helped make Maestro the huge success that it is. Previously, he created the gay gasp heard around the world with his frontal performance in 2020’s The Boys in the Band.


Oppenheimer star Cillian Murphy is considered to be a frontrunner for the Best Actor win. We’ve had our eye on this one for decades, as it was way back in 2002 that he showed his penis in 28 Days Later…!


Mark Ruffalo’s electrifying performance in Poor Things was, thankfully, acknowledged by the Academy with his Best Supporting Actor nomination. Most of the nudity here is left to Emma Stone, so for Mark’s best, head to 2003’s In the Cut.



Ruffalo is up against Killers of the Flower Moon star Robert De Niro. It’s a real dick-measuring contest… which is possible, since De Niro went majorly frontal next to Gerard Depardieu in Bernardo Bertolucci’s 1976 classic 1900.



Honorable Mention: May December was largely snubbed by the Oscars, only receiving one nomination, for Best Original Screenplay. Star Charles Melton donned a very titillating erect prosthetic for his sex scene with Natalie Portman. Sure, it’s not real, but it’s real interestin'.


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