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Jan 29 2024
Sex Worker TV Show + Catching Trump On Tape + Snoop Dogg Is Now Pro-Trump + Gay Candidate In Run-Off For Finnish Prez + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Hey, Mister DJ!

BELOW: Keep reading for sex workers, Snoop Dogg on the Trump train (wait, doesn't Trump favor executing drug pushers?) and more ...

Escort-boys-amazon-boycultureLove for sale (Image via Amazon Prime)

KENNETH IN THE (212): There's a new show called Escort Boys, and it doesn't cost $300/hour.

DAILY BEAST: The aide who taped Donald Trump demanding voter fraud.

THE TIMES U.K.: Snoop Dogg now professes love and respect for Trump. In other words, he's fucking trash.

LAMBDA LEGAL: Advocates are urging the Texas Supreme Court to affirm a ruling blocking the state's backassward anti-trans law.

JOE.MY.GOD.: A gay candidate is in the running for Finnish president — and far-right candidates are out in the cold.

NBC NEWS: Dems announce candidates who will push to turn competitive districts blue this fall, retaking the House and retiring whoever is Speaker at the time.