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Jan 27 2024
Why The U.S. Should Say Sorry To LGBTQ+ People + Trump Chooses White Guy + Giuliani On Rape + Clinton vs. FREE GAZA Crowd + MORE — 6-PACK Comments (0)

Paul-newman-shirtless-boyculture-gayNewman would have turned 99 this week. (Image via vintage still)

ABOVE: Newman training with Tony Zale for Somebody Up There Likes Me. Zale KOed Newman when the superstar got cocky — and was fired from the picture. More sexy Paul here.

BELOW: Keep reading for a long overdue apology, Giuliani's continued slide into scumbaggery, Clinton vs. FREE GAZA and more ...

ATLANTIC: “The U.S. Should Apologize to Gay People.”

JOE.MY.GOD.: You'll be shocked, but Trump chose the white guy over the brown lady in the battle for the chairmanship of the Michigan GOP. (Note: Both are batshit crazy, but — all things being inequal —  Trump came home to white supremacy.)

TWITTER: Every goddamned person who ever called Rudy Giuliani “America's Mayor” needs to formally apologize.

EXTRATV: Anti-vaxxers continue to think every surprising celeb death confirms the vaccine is killing people. Meanwhile, Tyler Christopher's death has been ruled as caused by positional aspyhxia due to alcohol intoxication.

TWITTER: Bill Clinton doesn't take bullshit from protesters. Israel, headed by the monstrous/anti-2-state-solution Netanyahu, is overattacking and is absolutely wrong for taking a carpet-bombing approach, but the sympathy I keep seeing for Hamas — not just innocent Palestinians, but for Hamas — is sickening. So many people on the left suddenly think Israel should be wiped off the map, and I find that scary and rooted in anti-Semitism, not just anti-colonialism (especially if you believe that from the U.S., which came into existence the same way as Israel, and not that much longer ago):

HUFF POST: Arab and Muslim leaders in Michigan won't even meet with the Biden Administration to try to mend fences and effect change. Instead, they're married to not voting for him, and instead allowing Trump — who despises Muslims openly and would back Netanyahu 100% — to regain power.