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Feb 23 2024
ALL OF US STRANGERS — All Of Its Nude Moments Comments (0)

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Via Mr. Man:

All of Us Strangers just dropped on Hulu, which means that for the first time you can stream this critically acclaimed (and incredibly steamy) gay drama about one man's reconciliation of his gay childhood trauma through a romantic relationship with his neighbor. Cum-licking, anal, Paul Mescal nude, bath fondling and more await...

Andrew Scott  Paul Mescal in All of Us Strangers  blowjob scene

Adam (Andrew Scott) happens across his neighbor Harry (Paul Mescal) one night at the mostly empty new-build on the outskirts of London where they both reside. Adam declines Harry's advances and instead visits his childhood home where he sees visions of his deceased parents. This kicks off a series of dreamlike confrontations in which Adam can have the frank discussions about his sexuality with his parents that he was never afforded, as they passed away when he was only twelve.

Andrew Scott  Paul Mescal in All of Us Strangers  blowjob scene 2

The next time Adam sees Harry the two hook up, which kicks off a passionate sexual relationship filled with the cum licking, blowjobs, and anal. Both actors received rave reviews for their explosive on-screen chemistry, and the acclaim is right on the screen. 

Andrew Scott  Paul Mescal in All of Us Strangers  gay sex scene

During the first hookup, Harry sucks Adam's cock and then licks the cum off of Adam's chest and makes out with him. Paul Mescal famously showed his cock in Normal People, and while he keeps that part of himself private here, he puts his big uncut Irish penis to good use by fucking Andrew Scott during their next hookup scene. Paul asks to do anal with Andrew but says he doesn't care which position he's in. So, he breeds Andrew in missionary.

Andrew Scott in All of Us Strangers bathtub handjob scene

Meanwhile, Adam spends an increasing amount of time in the dream world with his parents until they cut him off, leaving him alone with Harry, who understandably has become concerned for Adam’s well-being. The twists keep twisting from there, and we highly, highly recommend that you check out All of Us Strangers for yourself. 

To prep you for the experience, we’ve compiled the hottest GIFs and pics from All of Us Strangers right here. Get you some strangers! 

Andrew Scott  Paul Mescal in All of Us Strangers cuddling after sex