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Feb 12 2024
Josh Brolin's Birthday Suit + Beyoncé Wins The Super Bowl + Dark Brandon Celebrates Chiefs Victory + Israeli Hostages Rescued At High Cost + TRUE DETECTIVE: DYKE COUNTRY + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Just Joshin' around.

Brolin-nude-boyculture-gay(Image via Instagram)

BELOW: Keep reading for Beyoncé and other Super Bowl ads, Dark Brandon gets the last laugh, hostages rescued and more  ...

Beyonce Texas Hold EmShe wears her heart on her Summer's Eve. (Image via

EXTRATV: Beyoncé walked away with one of the best-ever Super Bowl commercials — a funny Break the Internet-themed spot for Verizon — and then gagged the masses by announcing the March 29 release of her new album Act II and releasing the cunt-ry songs “Texas Hold 'Em” and “16 Carriages.” 

Related: Best Super Bowl ads of the evening, ranked. One wasn't RFK Jr.'s grotesque ad, which used his famous uncle's most famous TV ad to pretend he is qualified to be POTUS. He has since apologized ... but left it pinned to the top of his Twitter page.

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Some of the best, diva-fied anthem deliveries EVER.

TWITTER: Mocking conspiracy theories that the Biden Administration had fixed the Super Bowl to help Taylor Swift's man win, once Taylor Swift's man (who's got a weird temper issue?!) won, Biden posted the above. That's a win.

INSTAGRAM: More sports!

OUTSPORTS: Turns out some gays LIKE football.

CHICAGOTHEMUSICAL: How ever will Jinkx Monsoon follow, um, Ariana Madix? But she shall! Monsoon is set to return to Chicago on Broadway from June 27-July 12.

HUFF POST: Another 67 Palestinians died in bombing that social media activists are referring to as the Super Bowl Massacre. Two hostages were liberated. Meager returns. Gotta wonder how much longer Israel gets free reign from the U.S. when even Joe Biden is showing reluctance.

NPR: LGBTQ+ migrants have it the worst — hated at home, hated in the U.S.

More info on the two men rescued. This means — considering dozens are thought to have since died — there are still about 100 hostages.

PINK NEWS: Some people in Spain are mad about a painting of Jesus looking too twinkish.

BNN: Madonna's upcoming St. Paul, Minnesota, concert will benefit LGBTQ+ charities.

SLATE: Is the new season of True Detective really gay beyond belief?

SOCIALITE LIFE: There's something called Deal or No Deal Island, God help us.

Ben-crofchick-deal-or-no-island-boycultureCum sail away ... (Image via NBC)