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Feb 23 2024
Darryl Stephens On Being Told To Stay Closeted + Shocking Gay Double Murder + Marge Wants Women To Be Femme & Demure + FACTS OF LIFE Reunion + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Double your pleasure, double your fun. Speaking of which, this is an extra-incestuous post today because:

Lorenzo-e-leonardo-tano-brothers-boycultureMore of this HERE. (Image via Icon)

BELOW: Darryl Stephens, the state of contraception in the U.S., a shocking gay double-murder and more ...

Darryl-stephens-boycultureDarryl has many irons in the fire. (Image by me!)

BUZZFEED: Boy Culture: Generation X star Darryl Stephens granted a wide-ranging interview upon the occasion of Black History Month, and left no stone unturned.

Luke-davies-jesse-baird-boyculture-murder-australian-police-officerLuke Davies and Jesse Baird are missing and presumed murdered. (Image via Facebook)

ATTITUDE: In a fast-moving investigation, an Australian cop has been charged with a double murder in the presumed deaths of his ex and his ex's new boyfriend. All three are in their 20s. Nothing worse than a jealous ex with a gun.

DAILY BEAST: Andy Cohen is proving you can be gay and STILL be in trouble for sexually harassing a woman after he admitted sending Bravolebrity Brandi Glanville an inappropriate, joke video that she has now opportunistically seized on in an attempted cash grab. Again, it's Bravo, but it's work, and he was dumb to do it. But you can't convince me she is all torn up about it.

JPEG image-45D3-85BA-09-0Prominent conservative, uh, thinker. In 2024. (Image via Twitter)

NYT: The right is coming for fertility, now, and will come for birth control next. See above.

Marjorie-taylor-greene-boycultureMother, jugs and greed (Images via Twitter)

TWITTER: Marjorie Taylor Greene, who cheated on her husband and who is hardly the most femme trick on hooves, is now lecturing women to be more FEMININE and to show less skin. You know, like her hoor daughter. See above.

THR: Tyler Perry says he's putting on hold plans for an $800M expansion of his studios — because AI is going to wipe out the industry and make his job easier. AI is truly a disaster. It's going to be like how the Internet wrecked the way porn worked, except worse. People will at first be paid for their faces, then, as those people become boring, fake people will be created. No need for actors, gaffes, lighting. Nada.

YOUTUBE: A partial Facts of Life reunion is making The Drew Barrymore Show worth watching for the day:

TWITTER: Mary Trump flags a shocking Freudian slip/promise Trump made recently — one that, as she rightly points out, would be used to ROAST Biden if he'd accidentally said the same thing:

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Scott Evans ... grr.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Ricky Martin has a legit foot fetish!

OMG.BLOG!: George Santos is SUING MAD over Jimmy Kimmel tricking him into making embarrassing Cameos to use on his late-night talk show Good luck winning that case. Here's the Cameo-MG moments:

YOUTUBE: Over the past nine months, The Weeknd/Madonna/Playboi Carti's tune “Popular” has ebbed and flowed, and recently achieved a new peak of no. 10 on the U.K. charts. Now, its glam new video shot within two months of Madonna's near-death experience) has garnered 2M views in 24 hours: