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Feb 16 2024
Aaron Taylor-Johnson Dripping Wet + Fani Willis Pushes Back In Fiery Testimony + Biden Impeachment Witness Made Shit Up + RIP Alexei Navalny, Who Has Died In A Russian Prison + Kelly Osbourne's Unfortunate Ozempic Snark + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Greek is the first Orthodox country to legalize same-sex marriage. Major step forward.

BELOW: Keep reading for Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Fani Willis, Madonna & more ...


MY NEW PLAID PANTS: Aaron Taylor-Johnson is something to sea.

NEW REPUBLIC: The GOP's star witness in its Biden impeachment inquiry has now been charged with fabricating his claims.

NYT: Navalny, Putin's leading critic, has died in prison the same week U.S commentator Tucker Carlson can't stop gushing about how clean and orderly everything is in Russia. Carlson, branded Putin's useful idiot by a REPUBLICAN senator, was so taken with prices in the tightly controlled Moscow grocery store he went to, he announced he is now “radicalized” against the West. HOW IS THIS HAPPENING WITH THE AMERICAN REPUBLICAN PARTY?

YOUTUBE: D.A. Fani Willis ran to the courtroom to testify yesterday, where she defiantly dismantled the attorneys attempting to smear her in an effort to protect their client, Donald Trump:

DAILY BEAST: Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) is going down. It's taking too long, but he's going down.

GGcpuR6W0AAPR1BGood choice! (Image via Attitude)

ATTITUDE: Graham Norton is Attitude's Person of the Year.

Allen-leech-butt-boyculture-gayTWITTER: Kelly Osbourne is as tone-deaf and elitist as ever. Now she's defending Ozempic (no issue with using Ozempic here!) by sneering that the people who hate on it CAHN'T AFFORD IT.

OMG.BLOG!: Allen Leech of Downton Abbey fame shows off his succulent cheeks.

KSL 102.7FM: The largest survey of trans people in the U.S. is revealing troubling data about how trans and non-binary people — and those perceived as such — are being treated in public and online:

Nearly 60% of respondents ages 16 to 17 who are out or perceived as transgender in grades K-12 said they experienced mistreatment or a negative experience, including“verbal harassment, physical attacks, online bullying, being denied the ability to dress according to their gender identity/expression, teachers or staff refusing to use chosen name or pronouns, or being denied the use of restrooms or locker rooms matching their gender identity.”

A majority of respondents of all ages, 62%, also said they were “very uncomfortable” or “somewhat uncomfortable” asking police for help when needed because of their gender expression or identity.

The survey was conducted online in 2022 in both Spanish and English by the NCTE with the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition, National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance and TransLatin@ Coalition.

Drew-barrymore-shirtless-boyculturePoor guy is single. (Image via The Drew Barrymore Show)

FACEBOOK: Drew Barrymore is offering up single men as sides of beef.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Disappointing no one, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) apparently will NOT run for POTUS.

YOUTUBE: Nine months later, Madonna, The Weeknd and Playboi Carti's song “Popular” has a proper music video! This was shot literally six months ago, when Madonna had barely survived a bacterial infection, and she looks fantastic. Will the song receive yet another boost on the charts? It's already a gold record in many territories, a slow-burning hit: