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Feb 19 2024
Rock Hudson Lover Lee Garlington Dies @ 86 + Historians Rank Biden 14th-Best POTUS Ever + Raquel Welch Auction + Susan Seidelman Q&A + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: An endless love for Martin Hewitt.

BELOW: Keep reading for the death of a Rock Hudson lover, Biden ranking above Reagan, Susan Seidelman Q&A and more ...

Lee-garlington-rock-hudson-boycultureLee loved Rock. Did Rock love Lee? (Image via Lee Garlington)

PEOPLE: Lee Garlington, a man who five years ago came out as one of Rock Hudson's lovers, died at 86. His December 2023 death is just now being confirmed by his husband.

HUFF POST: Josh Shapiro, Democratic governor of Pennsylvania, says Democrats need to “stop worrying and start working” to defeat Trump. Yes.

MSNBC: Presidential historians rank Biden the 14th-best POTUS in history, nudge Obama Top 10 — and both Reagan and Trump are behind Biden. Did I mention that Trump was 45th, dead last, even behind a guy who served 31 days?

GR8ERDAYS: Raquel Welch's clothing up for grabs, Regina King on her way to an Emmy and more!

INSTAGRAM: I hate prank phone calls, but this character is hilarious:

YOUTUBE: Check out the wonderful Q&A with Susan Seidelman after a rare screening of her underappreciated 1987 film Making Mr. Right. The movie will remind you that John Malkovich was kinda hot! Also, I was surprised to realize he was working with his wife — the late Glenne Headly — and their real-life dog. Lots of juicy tidbits: