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Feb 06 2024
Toby Keith Dead + Trump Handed Huge Setback In Court: NO PREZ IMMUNITY + Male Models + Quaintly Anti-Gay + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Skyler-boyculture-gay-dancerThe star (Image via Instagram)

ABOVE: He's worth a follow not just 'cuz he's adorable, but because he genuinely loves dancing. (When I forget something, like a link, thanks for telling me — no thanks for telling me cattily. It's a mistake! I have COVID! I'm busy! Sheesh.)

BELOW: Keep reading for male models, Trump's immunity decision, the death of despicable Toby Keith and more ...

SOCIALITE LIFE: Male Model Monday has come and gone.

HUFF POST: No immunity for Trump, court rules. Now, it'll be up to the Supremes, if he appeals.

HUFF POST: The feckless Republicans in Congress are going to kill the border/Ukraine bill they wanted, all because Trump demanded they not give Biden — and America — a win.

CBS NEWS: Huckster and propagandist Tucker Carlson will air an hourlong interview with Putin.

EXTRATV: Toby Keith, the conservative (Democrat!) firebrand who raked the Dixie Chicks over the coals post-9/11 and who was in turn put in his place by Kris Kristofferson, has died at 62 after a battle with stomach cancer.

THE AP: When “quaint” is code for “anti-queer.”

PEOPLE: I'm not saying she shouldn't have been punished, but there are countless celebs running around who've also committed crimes. I feel like Felicity Huffman is really having a harder time than most coming back.

ABC NEWS: Michigan jury finds school shooter's mom Jennifer Crumbley culpable in the deaths of four students, a first-of-its-kind conviction.

TELEGRAPH: This happens too often when people are criticizing Israel's response to terrorism, or when people claim to simply want peace in the Middle East — this Australian MP, Jenny Leong, spoke at length, intertwining “Jewish” with “Zionists,” and complaining about their tentacles (!) extending too much influence. This is the same, age-old anti-Semitic-trope stuff. She's apparently apologized.

EW.COM: Right-winger Gina Carano is suing Disney over her firing from The Mandalorian, and — of course — has Elon Musk's backing.

REBECCA GOLDBERG: T-shirts based on the spoof-Budweiser beer bottles Madonna uses for her water on tour.

INSTAGRAM: Remembering the late gay Silent Era superstar, Ramón Novarro. He was born 125 years ago today.