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Feb 08 2024
Jonathan Bailey Soaking Wet + Tom Garratt's Amazing Reaction To JO Video Leak + Cole Escola Takes Over The World + Eternally Hot James Dean + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Still cool after all these years.

BELOW: Keep reading for the rugby jack-off scandal, Jonathan Bailey dripping wet and more ...

Jonathan-bailey-orlebar-brown-shirtless-boyculturePounds soaking wet (Image via Orlebar Brown)

SOCIALITE LIFE: Jonathan Bailey for and in Orlebar Brown.

GOTHAMIST: If you're a hopeful romantic, gay and have some money to burn, ManMate might help you find your special someone.

Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 11.37.46 AMSO WHAT? (Image via video still)

ATTITUDE: Former rugby star Tom Garratt is taking in stride reactions to a gone-viral video of himself jacking another man.


Reacting to the reactions of me…

♬ original sound - Tom Garratt

MSN: Yes, Jack Smith needs to seek the removal of in-the-tank Judge Aileen Cannon from the Trump case. Her rulings are a joke.

HUFF POST: Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-New York) is facing a tough primary, and the discovery that he honored murderers and anti-Semites in a school display as a teacher 10 years ago won't help.

KENNETH IN THE (212): They should call this a case of wrestler's ass.

ROLLING STONE: “Cole Escola Is Revolutionizing Queer Comedy.”

PINK NEWS: Is Captain Marvel a lesbian?

GAYETY: Colman Domingo fell in love via ... Craigslist!

HELLO BEAUTIFUL: Madame Tussauds has unveiled a new Beyoncé wax figure that, well, is a swing and a miss.

NYT: Who knew 200-year-old sunken wrecks could wash ashore in turbulent weather?

TWITTER: Virulently queerphobic Valentina Gomez pledges that if elected as Missouri's secretary of state, she will literally torch all LGBTQ+ books (which she equates with — of course — “grooming”) with a flamethrower.

Valentina-gomez-anti-gay-lgbtq-groomer-fire-burn-boycultureHer fans are mad this post was flagged as having hateful content. A post with a flamethrower. (Image via Twitter)