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Feb 10 2024
Top 5 Homoerotic Friendships In Movies Comments (0)

Bernal-y-tu-mama-tambien-36efe023_infobox(Images via Mr. Man)

Via Mr. Man:

Sometimes, men are just friends. Sometimes men are friends with benefits. And sometimes they’re gay. The relationships on this list exist in the liminal spaces, where some of the hottest action happens. We’re uncovering the best homoerotic friendships in film, inspired by the most salacious mainstream movie of the 2020s, Saltburn. If you like what Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi get up to in that buzzy title, you’ll lap up You and I, Cold Showers, The Dreamers and Y tu mama tambien.


At number five on this list of the best homoerotic friendships in cinema we have Cold Showers, in which Johan Libéreau and Pierre Perrier play teens who fall for the same lucky young lady. Sure, she’s there to cut the homoerotic tension during their playful photoshoot. But where is she during the movie’s breathtaking shower scene, in which both Johan and Pierre flaunt their large, uncut teen cocks?



Next it’s George Taylor and Eric Klotzsch in You and I. They play friends whose road trip hits some bumps when Eric’s character, ostensibly straight, becomes jealous of his gay friend’s love interest. Eric’s expanded views on sexuality open up many possibilities for the two friends. 


Do we dare elevate any homoerotic relationships above the iconic one in Saltburn? We do. Hear us out. 2023’s most salacious movie shocked audiences with a couple of scenes guaranteed to go down in the history books. Barry Keoghan watches Jacob Elordi masturbate in the tub, and then hurries to drink his bathwater when Elordi isn't watching. As if that isn’t enough, Keoghan actually sticks his cock in Elordi’s grave. He’s dead, but we are living.


So what could beat Saltburn? First up, it’s The Dreamers. Saltburn is sleaze-light compared to what the boys in this Bernardo Bertolucci classic get up to. Michael Pitt plays an American lured into a French brother and sister duo’s web of sex games. The brother is Louis Garrel, and he does… well… what doesn’t he do with Michael Pitt here?


Finally, the movie featuring the best homoerotic friendship in cinema history is Y tu mamá también. As if there was any doubt. Future A-listers Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal were barely legal when they took on the roles of carefree friends who fall for the same older woman. Boys will be boys, and these boys jerk off together at the community pool, skinny dip, and in the flick’s climactic moment, consummate their friendship with their legendary makeout. The friends on this list are so close, they know each other inside and out…

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