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Mar 29 2024
Art For Sale + Biden's Big Bucks + RIP Louis Gossett Jr. + NYC vs. Guns + The Principal Alleged To Have Mistreated A Kid With Gay Parents + MORE — 6-PACK Comments (0)

Pecs-boyculture-gayI feel like I could build a pied-à-terre in those tits. (Image via Instagram)

ABOVE: Beyoncé's onetime bodyguard is still at it.

BELOW: Keep reading for art, Biden's big bucks and more ...

Christies-boyculture-auction-newsBuy me this? (Image via Christie's)

CHRISTIE'S: Fabulous photo auction for the deep-, deep-pocketed.

HUFF POST: I skipped this historic event. Why?! I could've snapped photos and made the $500 back. Biden will rake in $25M from one single stop via his Clinton/Obama event at Radio City tonight. Record-breaking.

POLITICO: Gun detectors are coming to NYC subways. 

Kasongo-kalumbula-boycultureScumbag — allegedly (Image via Facebook)

METRO WEEKLY: More about that principal who allegedly mistreated a student for having gay parents.

MV5BMmEyYjg4NGMtYjAwZS00YmZkLThiNjAtZDJkZjFkMmZlYzg4XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTE0MzQwMjgz._V1_QL75_UX500_CR0 0 500 281_Topping Richard Gere in his Oscar-winning An Officer and a Gentleman perf. (Image via MGM)

GR8ERDAYS: RIP Louis Gossett Jr., 87. This Oscar winner (only the third Black actor to ever win, and first for Best Supporting Actor), Emmy winner and Golden Globe winner was a total legend, one who worked from 1953-2023!

TWITTER (FOLLOW ME): Madonna called in to Food Stars and gave her beloved chef some shit — and her support.