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Mar 30 2024
DNA Sample + Beyoncé's COWBOY CARTER Trots Up + Patti LaBelle's Right-Wing Nephew Mouths Off + Hochul Kicked Out Of Cop Funeral + MORE — 6-PACK Comments (0)

Modus-vivendi-abs-muscles-shirtless-guys-gay-mv-fashion-underwear(Image via Modus Vivendi)

ABOVE: It's givinnng ... giving.

BELOW: Keep reading for a DNA sample, Josh O'Connor's many gay turns and more ...

Shirtless-gay-boyculture-dnaRug rubber (Image via DNA)

KENNETH IN THE (212): The latest DNA is a scorcher.

VARIETY: Beyoncé's five-years-in-the-making Cowboy Carter is “a sprawling, endlessly entertaining tour de force.”

TWITTER: Patti LaBelle's gay Republican nephew is spreading the rumor that among the celebs who went to Biden's $26M fundraiser were Joan Rivers (dead), Madonna (on tour) and Beyoncé (in Japan).

PIX11: New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, was asked to leave a wake for slain NYC cop Jonathan Diller. The same family let Trump use them for a photo op. So, in summation: Fuck you, Dillers — I don't give a shit about your loss.

QUEERTY: Older gay men are getting more STIs than ever (and probably calling them STDs).

PINK NEWS: All of Josh O'Connor's gay roles.

Josh-o-connor-boycultureHe wears it well. (Image via Picturehouse)