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Mar 24 2024
Ian Reisner Returning To The Scene Of The Crime, Relaunching Gay-Friendly Hotel + TWISTERS Star Got Naked + Bisexual Or Gay AF? + Past Entertainment Gen Z Wouldn't GET + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Tilda Swinton, on Craigslist.

BELOW: Keep reading for nudity, pop culture and bisexuality ...

Boyculture nud Daryl-McCormack-2Good luck to you, Daryl McCormack! (Image via video still)

OMG.BLOG!: Reminder — Twisters actor Daryl McCormack has gone nude ... and the movie is terrific, too!

NYP: I can't believe that any self-respecting gay man would ever patronize or support Ian Reisner in any endeavor. The developer who founded The Out, a gay, but straight-friendly, hotel on W. 42nd in 2012 and feels he was “chased out of the business” after he and his partner rolled out the red carpet and met with Sen. Ted Cruz (!) is coming back to the same space to try to make it — what else? — another gay, but straight-friendly, hotel.

This, after he called gay men frugal and entitled.

Also, let's not forget the time a young guy died at one of Reisner's parties. It was discovered to be a drug O.D., so no criminality. But, um, not exactly something to just chalk up to an oops.

BLOOMBERG: President Biden has branded a Republican-forced agreement to ban Pride flags from embassies as an “abusive” but necessary step in avoiding a government shutdown.

Randy-oliphant-gay-boycultureYAHOO!: A 1998 cold-case killing has been solved — and the only thing missing is: WHY DID HE DO IT? Timothy Stephenson of California has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for what he confessed was really an execution-style murder of Randal Oliphant when both were residents of Kansas City, Missouri. After Stephenson murdered Oliphant, he moved to California, married a doctor and began raising twin girls. Sometime in 2014, he told his husband he had killed Oliphant. In 2020, his husband filed for divorce, and apparently a request for a protective order led cops to engage the husband to secretly record Stephenson. Between then and 2022, cops obtained new DNA evidence, finally arresting Stephenson, who was also later arrested for using meth while living with an aunt prior to his plea deal.

If your partner told you he had murdered someone in cold blood, would you stick around another six years? No, sir. No, sir.

ABC NEWS: I missed the rather explosive news that PM Leo Varadkar, Ireland's first gay and first biracial prime minister, has stepped down for what he said are both political and personal reasons. That, plus the resignation of Serbia's PM Ana Brnabic reduced us from five out gay heads of state to three in the space of a week.

Paul carafotes boycultureFree nipple (GIF via GIPHY)

INSTAGRAM: Paul Carafotes was quite a specimen! Happy 65th to him.

Grindr-boycultureCirca 2013. He's 42-3 now. I hope he looks really bad. (Image via Grindr)

THE GUARDIAN: “There's a Gay Bar in My Pocket!: How 15 Years of Grindr Has Affected Gay Communities and Dating Culture.”

Tony-directs-bisexual-lgbt-lgbtq-boycultureBi? Gay as fuck? (Image via Twitter)

TWITTER: He tried to come out as bi to his boyfriend, and it didn't go quite as he planned. Or it's a joke.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Ricky Martin on coming out. (Can we please stop roasting Barbara Walters for asking a question already? She was famously very ... Barbara Walters! Anyone who was interviewed by her knew what was coming.)

Shields and yarnell boycultureIt's that mime again! (Image via Dynamite)

TWITTER/X: Come on over and show me entertainment from the past you could NEVER successfully explain to Gen Z.

KSTP: Historic gay bar in Minneapolis re-opening after fire.

GR8ERDAYS: A compelling case that Poor Things was homaging not just Frankenstein, but Metropolis:

@boyculturedotcom Over on Instagram, cinematologist has compiled this compelling side-by-side of "Poor Things" (2023) and one of its inspirations, clearly, "Metropolis" (1927). "Metropolis" is one of the most important films ever made, and one of the most influential and visionary. "Poor Things" pays homage without remaking. Go follow cinematologist for other intelligent viewpoints on film. #poorthings #emmastone #yorgoslanthimos #metropolis #fritzlang #movies ♬ RADIO GA GA (Live) - Queen