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Mar 13 2024
Don Lemon's Show Dropped By X After Elon Musk Hissy Fit + Drake Bell On Being Molested As A Teen + DON'T SAY GAY's Limits Established + MORE — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Julio Torres and Tilda Swinton vogue a li'l and call it a short film. Via OMG.BLOG!

BELOW: Keep reading for Don Lemon out-trolling the troll, soccer player engaged, Drake Bell revisits teen sexual abuse and more ...

INSTAGRAM: It looks like troll Don Lemon has out-trolled Elon Musk — he took a deal with Elon and Twitter aka X that disappointed most of his fans, got Musk to agree to an interview, interviewed him, pissed him off and lost the deal. But now, he's bagging on Musk for being a free-speech absolutist with a thin, thin skin.

Sure seems like Lemon has won this game of chess.

ABC NEWS: A settlement in the Don't Say Gay lawsuit in Florida clarifies scope when it comes to what teachers may and may not address regarding LGBTQ+ issues and themes. Plaintiffs sound elated. It's still, compared to life before Don't Say Gay, a loss.

US WEEKLY: I am so, so surprised about the revelation that not only was Drake Bell molested by a Nickelodeon co-worker when he was underage, and not only did that results in a trial that included Drake being in court and the accused's famous supporters being in that same court, but we in the teen-mag industry never heard any gossip about it. I certainly didn't. The people who supported the perp, Brian Peck, include James Marsden, Will Friedle, Taran Killam, Alan Thicke, Joanna Kerns and more. I wouldn't be TOO hard on them; as some of them have revealed, they were not given full info on his alleged crimes. Some were asking for leniency on the basis that he was acknowledging he had done wrong, others bought his innocence. It's like — to me — how some who were kids around Michael Jackson refuse to believe Jackson could ever have molested anyone else, if not them. I hope those who sided with Peck will publicly apologize. People are good at hiding their true natures, and friendship and loyalty can be misplaced.

Drake developed a problem-child reputation. We met him in my office in 2011 (he was already 24 by then), and that was I think my only time meeting him. I feel bad knowing he had gone through all that and stayed a Nick kid.

PEOPLE: Josh Cavallo, out gay men's soccer player, is engaged!

DAILY BEAST: “Does Kung Fu Panda 4 Have 2 Gay Dads?”

ALI FORNEY CENTER: The late David Mixner is continuing his advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community — he directed that a fund be set up in his name on behalf of the Ali Forney Center, which helps LGBTQ+ youth who are unhoused. You can learn more and donate here.

David-mixner-ali-forney-lgbtq-boyculture(Image via Ali Forney Center)

PEOPLE: Paul Alexander, a man who had lived with the assistance of an old-fashioned iron lung for 70 years, has died. COVID did him in.

CNN: The House has easily passed a potential ban on TikTok. Trump has wisely flip-flopped and is now against this. The reasoning is sound, but the optics are BIDEN BANS MY TIKTOK, AW HELL NAH. Hopefully, if this passes, TikTok is sold and not banned in the U.S.

Out-loud-minogue-gay-boyculture(Image via Out Loud)

WEAREOUTLOUD.COM: Kylie Minogue is headlining WeHo Pride.

HUFF POST: In Oklahoma, being an unapologetic fascist is a feature.

Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 2.41.27 PM(Image via La Mama)

LA MAMA (TICKETS): Justin Elizabeth Sayre's new show My Beatnik Youth is at La Mama (NYC) March 14-24.

DAILY BEAST: Yes, Sen. Katie Britt (R-Alabama) — who's SAD-FACE over all the mockery she's rightly received — DOES remind you of True Blood: