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Mar 21 2024
Naked & Facing Each Other + PALM ROYALE's Amazing Taste + Beyoncé vs. Biyoncé + OPEN TO IT Is Available To Stream + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: A gem from 1959, when homosexuality was illegal in the U.K. (and, uh, elsewhere!), but Peter Wyngarde took a live-TV part that could have been catastrophic.

A (not so) Brief History of LGBTQ TV Characters, People & Mentions!

BELOW: Keep reading for nudity, silent movies, comparisons to old movies & more ...

Honey-to-moon-nude-boycultureFace it — they're hot. (Image via AOI)

OMG.BLOG!: Akeem Biggs and Eduardo Cifuentes get completely naked in the short Honey to the Moon.

@boyculturedotcom "The Mirror Crack'd" (1980) is a fascinating film. Kinda bad, it has sensational dialogue and is noteworthy for bringing together luminaries of the '50s playing a group of people who peaked in the '30s. In it, Elizabeth Taylor is less than 50, but plays an aging has-been. Just a few years later, she went through a stunning physical transformation in real life in her early 50s — which today, it's not a HUGE deal to be early 50s and stunning! Case in point: Kristen Wiig reads as far younger than her 50 years in "Palm Royale." I edited together her and Taylor ... We perceive aging far differently than we did 40 years ago. #kristenwiig #elizabethtaylor #movies #themirrorcrackd ♬ original sound Matthew Rettenmund/BoyCulture

THE GUARDIAN: Are you enjoying Palm Royale? I know I am a broken record about certain movies, but honest to God, I did a double-take at a 1949-set flashback of Kristen Wiig's character in a beauty pageant — it reminded me intensely of one of the highlights of the so-so (but unforgettable) The Mirror Crack'd, with Elizabeth Taylor playing an aged has-been.

The kicker — Wiig, 50, is older than Taylor was when she made that film! A couple of years later, ET slimmed down, had a faboosh face-lift and looked STUNNING again in her early 50s. Nowadays, it's hardly worth mentioning when a women of 50 looks great (though much is made if they're also dancing and singing). Just another way in which our perceptions of aging the passage of time have changed — ET was considered a total throwback to movie-star elegance of the past in 1980, while Kristen Wiig still seems like a completely contemporary creative.

GR8ERDAYS: I adore stories about Silent Era lost films being found!!!

COMPLEX: Yes, there is a reason she's spelling it “Beyincé!”


DEADLINE: I know Sharon Stone is an ally, but her story of almost being murdered while hosting SNL in 1992 is balderdash. There were six protesters outside who were angry about Basic Instinct. The show was not interrupted. She just honestly makes stuff up at this point.

TWITTER: I used to laugh at the idea of AOC rising higher than the House, but she really is damn effective.

PINK NEWS: Ugh, Caitlyn Jenner is coming out again — as a trans woman who says trans women are not real women.

TWITTER: Not literally, but Kyle Rittenhouse was murdered here.

Stormy-daniels-boyculture-gayWe need a version of Wicked about Melania and Story. (Image via Pride)

PRIDE: I'm about to write up my encounter with Stormy Daniels! Until then, check out her cover of Pride. Inside, she opens up about her hosting duties on For the Love of DILFs and her bond with LGBTQ people.

TWITTER: Just a clip of Glenn Close handing Deborah Kerr her honorary Oscar. Who will hand Glenn Close hers?! As the OP points out, Kerr was only 73 and Close is now 77. This happened in 1994, when Glenn was 47, so it would be like Reese Witherspoon handing Glenn her Oscar today!

OUTTV: Season 1 of Open to It is on OutTV: