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Mar 02 2024
Iris Apfel Dies @ 102 + 2 New LGBTQ+ Movies + NYC Gay Dad Dragged By Right-Wingers + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Thigh highs.

BELOW: Two new LGBTQ+ films to check out, Iris Apfel dead at 102 and more  ...

Thirty-bonded-boycultureThe real deal (Images via Breaking Glass)

BREAKING GLASS: Filmmaker Anthony Bawn — who specializes in LGBTQ+ content focusing on people of color — is back with two projects. First, Bonded is available on digital, and is about a doctor and his pals who are stalked by a former patient.

Then, coming March 12, is Thirty, about two men in a seemingly perfect relationship ... which is unraveling.

So, you've got horror, and the horror of it all.

QUEERTY: RuPaul wrote disparagingly of Madonna in his new memoir, in which he recalls entering a room over 40 years ago, seeing her, and immediately feeling her look of disdain probably meant she saw him as a eunuch. This is a really, really odd leap to make, when simply stating she was unfriendly might not have been as juicy? Now, he's telling Ronan Farrow he thinks her arena tour is seeking 11-25-year-olds (huh? it's a greatest-hits tour targeted at her 40-plus-year-old fans). Just weird. He must be mad she has always said no to his show? I had been hoping he'd be a guest on one of her tour stops, but ... I think not.

ADVOCATE: The far right is relentlessly attacking José Rólón for no other reason than he is a gay single dad. We need a clarification in the libel laws that states calling someone a pedophile is illegal without evidence. It's insane how freely that accusation is lobbed at gay people, in particular, then lunatics get riled up and treat it as reality.

HUFF POST: The judge deciding whether Fani Willis needs to be removed from the Trump case — which would possibly push that election-interference case for month — says he needs 2 weeks. Nuts. RELATED: Politicus USA reports the SCOTUS has, so far, introduced 19 weeks of delays into Trump's immunity trial.

TWITTER: Chris Colfer is having a moment.

EXTRATV: Late-breaking fashion icon Iris Apfel died at her Palm Beach home Friday. She was 102. I wish I didn't know she was a Trump sympathizer who literally said she thought Obama was one of the worst presidents ever, but she did, and I do.