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Mar 22 2024
Kate Middleton Announces Cancer Battle + Pit Crew Member Found + Candace Owens Splits With Daily Wire + OUT OF LEFT FIELD + MORE — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I could eat.

BELOW: Keep reading for Kate Middleton's cancer battle and more ...

Modus-vivendi-nude-shirtless-gay-boyculture-Square_no_logo (24)(Image by Joan Crisol for MC)

MV: The Modus Vivendi Antibacterial Line doesn't have a sexy name, but it's definitely hot stuff.

TWITTER: Kate Middleton announces she is battling cancer.

Madonna-like-a-prayer-music-boycultureEternal (Image via Twitter)

TWITTER: You know what to do.

INSTAGRAM: Raunchy for 1976! (And happy 93rd to Captain Kirk.)

SOCIALITE LIFE: Ricky Martin says his dad encouraged him to come out.

Matthew-rettenmund-photography-onlyfans-model-shirtless-cum-IMG_7530 EDITI need new models! (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

ONLYFANS: Come join my photography OnlyFans. It's pretty cheap, and a nice way to tip your blogger.

TWITTER: He has been found HERE.

NBC NEWS: Candace Owens is parting ways with Daily Wire over her anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Distressingly, a lot of anti-Semitic crap overlaps a little too neatly with the far left's valid criticism of Israel's response to October 7. This is bad company.

2RAW2REAL: You need to follow him. He's such a persuasive and effortless speaker on behalf of Democrats.

YOUTUBE: I wonder what the record is for the longest span between a wholly original film and its first sequel? Beetlejuice and Beetlejuice Beetlejuice are at about 36 years. Looks like the movie will open with the funeral of the Jeffrey Jones character (for obvious reasons).

TWITTER: Idiotic Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Colorado) is trying to oust Speaker Mike Johnson. She has zero fucks to give that it only hurts her hobbled party.

EDELWEISS: Jonah Newman's Out of Left Field is a sort of queer Bad News Bears, the story of a young baseball player who comes out to his peers. It's being called a “remarkable” debut.

_Ad6Zn3wGlove is glove. (Image via Edelweiss)