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Mar 16 2024
Foreign Booty + Jonathan Bailey To HEARTSTOPPER + Gay Republican Teases Outing Racists In The GOP + Oprah Honors Late Gay Brother + MORE — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: This plastic surgeon is yassifying Turkey.

BELOW: Foreign butt, an RGB disgrace, Jonathan Bailey, Abdi Nazemian and more  ...

Thijs-boerman-boyculture-nudeAnd ... uncut! (Image via OMG.Blog!)

OMG.BLOG!: Thijs Boermans shows his butt in All-Inclusive, and it's all-encompassing.

HUFF POST: Don't ever give your name to an award. Case in point: the RGB Award is being handed to Elon Fucking Musk and RUPERT MURDOCH.

Jonathan-bailey-boyculture(Image via Netflix)

SOCIALITE LIFE: Jonathan Bailey has joined Heartstopper!

TWITTER (FOLLOW ME): Come join the party and suggest an outfit worn by someone that WILL ALWAYS BE TALKED ABOUT!

NEWSWEEK: Black, gay Republican teases that he may drop receipts on GOP racists who are even bigger nightmares than he is.

DENNIS-HENSLEY-ABDI-NAZEMIAN-boyculture-gay(Image via Dennis Anyone?)

DENNIS ANYONE?: Abdi Nazemian chats with Dennis Hensley about his work and his idol.

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Red-carpet report from GLAAD.

HUFF POST: Surprising a lot of people, Mike Pence will NOT endorse Trump in '24.

PEOPLE: Oprah Winfrey honors her brother, who died of AIDS complications at 29.

EXTRATV: How Ricky Martin was cast on Palm Royale.

EW: You've been told Madonna is a heartless bitch for making fun of a person in a wheelchair at her concert, exhorting them to “stand up.” In reality, she didn't see that the person was in a wheelchair, stand up! is a pretty standard rock 'n' roll thing to demand from the stage and the woman she was speaking to ... was not offended in the slightest.

INSTAGRAM: The hot cheese that is Erik Estrada: