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Mar 22 2024
GOLDEN GIRLS Reboot Debunked + Elizabeth Berkley Gets Emotional Over SHOWGIRLS Love + Drake & Josh + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I love how he adjusts his butt like it's a prop.

BELOW: Keep reading for the fake Golden Girls reboot, Tennessee vs. AI and more ...

Golden-girls-boycultureWould they use a candid of Tina, an Apple TV pic of Maya Rudolph and the others in oldface?! (Image via Facebook)

THE DIRECT: If you thought for one second that the above viral poster was real, you are in for a rough ride the rest of your life.

GO FUND ME: If you'd like to help out your friendly blogger VJ Brendan — who is battling a rare and fast-moving cancer — please do!

THE TENNESSEAN: Tennessee is the first state to pass a law to protect artists' likenesses from AI abuse. It's called the ELVIS Act. But ... was it really Elvis?!

THR: Elizabeth Berkley made peace with Showgirls at an Academy Museum screening. I'm happy for its fans, but I saw in in the theater and for me, it was too bad to be so bad it was good.

EXTRATV: Drake Bell and Josh Peck were no longer friends, but Peck did reach out to Bell to offer support in the wake of his announcement that he, Bell, had been the previously anonymous minor molested by a Nickelodeon dialect coach. In the meantime, fans had bashed Peck for not immediately speaking out — which shows how negative social media can be.

KENNETH IN THE (212): LGBTQ+ mags of the week.

Wiremag(Image via Wiremag.)