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Apr 16 2024
Cesar Abreu Expresses His SELF + Trump Down In Court, Up With Gov. Chris Sununu + Kit Connor Heading To Broadway + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: CHUCK is a legend, one of not so very many beefcake photographers of the past who is still around and able to talk about his work. Buy tickets here — online, too!

BELOW: Keep reading for butts, politics, movies and more ...

Cesar-abreu-self-boyculture-gay(Image via Cesar Abreu)

PHILADELPHIA INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL: Cesar Abreu's film Self is an official selection of the upcoming Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. Knowing his work (a former Menudo, among MANY other things), I am expecting a visual marvel. Description:

In the midst of a troubled world dominated by political turmoil, patriarchal hierarchies, and systemic racism, SELF takes viewers on an intimate journey of personal exploration. Capitalizing on the artistry of dance, the film immerses us in the human experience, unearthing traumas we encounter in the constant pursuit of our ultimate potential. The film follows dancer Maxfield Haynes as they navigate personal struggles, confront societal barriers, and embark on a transformative quest to discover their inner selves. With a structured improvisation as a framework, Maxfield incorporated breathtaking idiomatic movement and emotive storytelling, that push them to a greater understanding of their value. During each captivating sequence, the dancer expresses the universal longing to break free from oppressive cultures, challenge divisive intolerance, and foster a more inclusive community. By virtue of their collective journey, they inspire viewers to reflect on their own experiences, encouraging a broader understanding of the complexities within us and the world we inhabit. As SELF gracefully intertwines the power of dance with the human spirit's resilience, it serves as a poignant reminder that amidst chaos, there lies the potential for personal growth, empathy, and a brighter future. It invites us to undertake an introspective voyage, embracing the shared humanity that unites us and propels us towards the truest version of our selves. Music is by the interdisciplinary performance collective Perception Project.

Ass-jock-boycultureHe works out. (Image via video still)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Carlos Alcaraz's butt, though.

FINANCIAL TIMES: The U.S. economy has grown at double the rate of all other G7 countries this year. Thanks, Biden.

YOUTUBE: Shockingly, Gov. Chris Sununu, who has been so against Trump is now saying he'd vote for him anyway. Reminder he didn't even think Trump will be the nominee. He is supporting Trump in spite of Trump's dishonesty, his criminality, his support of insurrection. Just crazy.

DAILY BEAST: Trump is enduring loss after loss in court already. Plus, he fell asleep! No jurors have even been picked yet.

Male-model-muscles-shirtless-boyculture-gay(Image by Baldovino Baraini/Factory Fanzine)

FACTORY FANZINE: The higher the hair ...

VARIETY: Heartstopper star Kit Connor is making his Broadway debut as Romo in Romeo + Juliet, alongside Rachel Zegler.

NPR: Gay men often have older brothers. This finding isn't so surprising — I've had lots.

Night-thousand-judys-garland-gay-boycultureI've a feeling we're going to this, Toto. (Image by Daniel Nolen)

TICKETS: The 12th annual Night of a Thousand Judys is (almost) here!

OMG.BLOG!: I love Andrew Scott, but he's anything but sexy in Ripley. (His character's reptilian quality is useful.) Still, there is the butt shot.

PEOPLE: TikToker who really spent all her time being nasty about celebs has died, so of COURSE people think Diddy offed her. (Spoiler alert: It was cancer.)

EW: Courtney Love is still an untalented, relevance-adjacent bitch, hurling metaphorical compacts at her betters.