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Apr 09 2024
John Cena's Gay Brother + An Actor Goes Full-Taters + Arizona Supreme Court Says Civil War-Era Abortion Law Stands + Cicadas Are Not Tom Goss's Problem + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: He was — how you say? — le hot.

BELOW: Keep reading for John Cena, Rihanna, Tom Goss and more ...

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 4.56.12 PMHaving this as a brother had to be confusing. (Image via WWE)

OUT: John Cena opens up about defending his gay brother from bullies when they were kids.

AUDACY: The guy who used homophobic slurs before slashing a fellow subway rider in NYC who he'd overheard talking about a drag show turns out to have been a sex offender. Now, he's been indicted again, this time for his anti-gay attack.

NBC NEWS: Shockingly, the alleged murderer of Blaze Bernstein is JUST NOW going on trial. Neo-Nazi Samuel Woodward stands accused of the 19-year-old's senseless killing.

USA TODAY: Orville Peck is praising 90-year-old Willie Nelson for his queer allyship.

Boyculture-Eero-Milonoff-in-Four-Little-Adults-Nelj-pient-aikuista-2023-mp4-20240406-121040-037Streaming, or squirting? (Image via video still)

OMG.BLOG!: Actor Eero Milonoff's got some taters on 'im.

HUFF POST: Arizona has tilted blue, but as we've been warning you — Republicans are NOT HAPPY to let blue states decide ANYTHING on abortion. Case in point: groups in Arizona sued to force the state to enforce a Civil War-era anti-abortion law, one that doesn't even make exceptions for rape or incest. The Supreme Court of the state just cleared the way to allow that to happen. Insanity. UPDATE: Biden is, wisely, running HARD on reproductive freedom.

WEHO ONLINE: The new faces of gay nightlife in WeHo.

PAGE SIX: Don Lemon felt the need to have Matt Lauer at his wedding.

Rihanna-interview-boycultureBar nun (Image via Interview)

INTERVIEW: Rihanna poses for Interview and the photos are, well, interesting.

THEM: Cicadas, more and more, are hypersexual — and gay.

JOE.MY.GOD.: The nasty bitch who stole Ashley Biden's diary and sold it for $40K, and who then skipped numerous sentencing hearings, got just 30 days in jail for her offenses.

YOUTUBE: Tom Goss has enlisted Meatball for the song “Not My Problem”: