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Apr 25 2024
Girthmaster General Alexander, Your King + Serial Killer Of Gay Men Paroled + Fake-Elector Indictments In Arizona + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Remember him?

BELOW: Keep reading for Alexander King, an unjust parole and more ...

Screenshot 2024-04-25 at 10.24.33 AMBig deal (Images via video stills)

ROLLING STONE: He is Girthmasterr0 and his gigantic dick earns him — hold on to your prolapse — $40,000-$80,000 PER MONTH.

THR: Harvey Weinstein's New York rape conviction has been overturned. An error by the trial's judge means he did not, in the appeals court's view (4-3), receive a fair trial. So he will be shipped off to California to serve his time there while New York's AG Alvin Bragg ponders whether to retry him. Nobody thinks he's innocent. Calm down.

CAFTAN CHRONICLES: You need a (gay) therapist.

Boyculture-In-from-the-Side_00035Wake-up call (Image via video still)

OMG.BLOG!: Alexander King's tits and ass.

Heartstopper Cast AnnouncementThe more, the merrier! (Image via Netflix)

NETFLIX: Alice Oseman, creator and writer of Heartstopper, announces for Season 3:

I am incredibly excited to be welcoming three new cast members to the Heartstopper family. Hayley Atwell joins the Nelson family as Nick’s Aunt Diane, who takes Nick on a summer holiday to Menorca and has some tough advice to impart about his relationship. Eddie Marsan will be portraying a beloved character from the graphic novels: Geoff, Charlie’s wise and straight-talking therapist. And lastly, Jonathan Bailey will be making a cameo appearance as Jack Maddox, an Instagram-famous classicist and celebrity crush of Charlie. It was an absolute joy to see Hayley, Eddie, and Jonathan’s talent alongside our existing cast, and I can’t wait for the Heartstopper fans to meet these new characters.

NOLA: A serial killer who targeted gay men has been paroled after more than 40 years in prison. Is it ever appropriate to parole a serial killer?!

HUFF POST: Fake-elector indictments in Arizona!

EXTRATV: Terry Carter, who starred on McCloud and Battlestar Galactica, died this week at 95. Incredibly, he made his Broadway debut 70 years ago opposite Eartha Kitt.

PINK NEWS: Top rugby stars who are gay are planning a big coming-out event.

BBC: Dominica has overturned its barbaric anti-gay sex law.

W: Madonna talks about the joy she's experienced touring with four of her six kids as her Celebration Tour ends — one more show tomorrow night, then a Rio finale in May.

POLITICO: No one remembers the #MeToo-esque stories that emerged when Arnold Schwarzenegger was running for governor of California. Maybe because David Pecker helped blunt their impact.