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Apr 26 2024
Queer, Black Columbia Student Calls For Zionists To Be Murdered, Apologizes + Biden Interviewed By Howard Stern + CABARET Roasted + Vanessa Williams's Musical Return + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)
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ABOVE: You know it's true.

BELOW: Queer, Black Columbia student roasted for calling for the murder of Zionists, Biden chats with Howard Stern and more ...

MODUS-VIVENDI-boyculture-muscles-beefcake-physique-Diamonds_Line_Lifestyle_no_Logo (12)The butt cleavage from below is always a good look. (Image by Joan Crisol for Modus Vivendi)

MV: Check out Modus Vivendi's latest line.

TWITTER: President Biden granted an hour-long, no-holds-barred, live interview with Howard Stern — a good idea. One snippet was about Roe v. Wade:

THR: Aaron Sorkin plans a The Social Network sequel that blames Facebook for Trump and January 6.

Andrew-scott-emmy-boycultureSweater guy (Image via Emmy Magazine)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Love this look on Andrew Scott!

NYT: Review of Cabaret on Broadway: “We want to unsee the trash.”

ROLLING STONE: Unimaginable 25 years ago, when he was a breakthrough star, but Ricky Martin will headline L.A. Pride 2024!

TICKETS: Check out the Superfine Art Fair, featuring the work of Court Watson and others!

TWITTER: Madonna's finale Celebration Tour performance, a million-fan spectacle on a Rio beach in early May, will likely incorporate some new songs and other production surprises.

GMEV69fWYAAgkeDTWITTER: This is so mystifying to me, and I hate HATE that Republicans are alllll over this, but it cannot be denied that this person did WRONG. Serious WRONG. Khymani James is a Columbia student who is a Free Palestine activist. He's Black and queer, and in a tone-deaf apology, he uses his identity to frame himself as a victim. He may well have been attacked unfairly many times, but he is not the victim, he is a young person who openly called for the murder of all Zionists, and implied he might murder some himself someday. Now, he's sorry. I don't know if this person should ever be hired anywhere. I wouldn't hire him.

My issue is that I think it's fair to criticize Israel, I loathe Netanyahu, I don't think killing innocents is acceptable, but regardless of the semantics, Israel is not making just decisions. So I'm good with protesting. But I spend a lot of time online looking at left-wing and right-wing chatter, and it is genuinely alarming to me how many people who are rightly angry with Israel spew venom about “Zionists” that honestly sounds completely interchangeable with “Jews.” It just does. Especially when they minimize October 7 and even justify it, justifying the murder of kids and other innocents. (Wouldn't this mean 9/11 was okay? Would it be okay for terrorists, er, freedom fighters to murder a schoolful of kids in the U.S.?)

And then you hear the anti-Zionist rhetoric, and again, it involves things about industries under THEIR control, and money thievery and other anti-Semitic themes. Many of the protesters think Israel should NO LONGER EXIST (and protest from the U.S. which is like 170 years older than Israel and also stolen land, soooo?), and this is alarming to me. Most of the people in Israel are Jews, so where would they go? Back to quote where they came from unquote? I can't see that belief as anything less than pure anti-Semitism.

Israel should exist. There should be two states. Peace is possible, but not with nuts like Netanyahu and terrorists like Hamas. So I am content with Biden's sensitive and politically cautious handling of things so far.

Then you come to Khymani James calling for the death of Zionists. That would include the death of most of the people in Israel, a majority of Jews worldwide, and a huge, huge number of people of all political persuasions. I truly think the reason this happens is the atmosphere I describe above, in which activists conflate their enemies = Zionists (already an overstatement) with all Jews. This rhetoric has to end somewhere, and expelling and ostracizing this person is one place to start. It's abhorrent. That's how I feel right now.

HUFF POST: I don't want to see Palestine leveled, but my priority right now is keeping the U.S. a democracy and keeping an autocrat from returning to office. The right-wing SCOTUS is ready to probably rule that presidents do not have full immunity from all crimes, but is also ready to probably rule in such a way that Trump will benefit from a long delay. This will just make it all the more essential that Biden is re-elected. I believe he will be, he is certainly in a stronger position than Clinton was, but ... nothing is unimaginable anymore.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Kim Davis ('memba her?!) still can't win.

THE HYPE: Vanessa Williams has a brand-new album for the first time in 15 years, and it's on her own label! The single: “Legs.” She's got that Ozempic body, baby, and looks A M A Z I N G.

Vanessa-williams-legs-boycultureDiamond legs (Image via Mellian Music)