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Apr 04 2024
Gay Man Accused Of Grindr-ing Trapped In Qatar + Yemen Sentences Gay Men To Crucifixion + Roseanne Barr Has Quadrupled Down On The Crazy + MORE — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Tragic gay icon Anthony Perkins.

BELOW: Keep reading for gay men in trouble in anti-gay countries and more ...

Julian-schneyder-shirtless-boycultureHot, hot, give it all ya got! (Image via selfie)

SOCIALITE LIFE: A male model to remember.

ATTITUDE: Bottom line is I want this gay British-Mexican guy who was imprisoned in Qatar to be freed. Qatar's laws regarding homosexuality are caveman-level. That said, why in the fuck did this guy travel there and use Grindr while HIV-positive and dependent on medications to stay healthy and undetectable? It's such a flagrantly stupid provocation, one that has led to an international incident. He was asked to name names of his partners, but apparently refused. Now, his brother is saying they need LGBTQ+ orgs and the U.K. to apply pressure, which is another reason his behavior was dumb to begin with — it's now causing a drain on time, energy and money, all because he couldn't keep his dick in his pants in a country that told him in advance it hated him.

PINK NEWS: Meanwhile, let's have some sympathy for residents of backasswards countries that call for CRUCIFIXION and STONING for gay sex.

JOE.MY.GOD.: If you're still clinging to the Roseanne Barr of the '80s and '90s, you can stop now that she is openly stating that college is nothing but:

... a bunch of devil-worshiping, baby blood-drinking, Democrat donors.

THE GUARDIAN: Nice take-down of grifter Candace Owens. Choice cut:

To be fair, Owens has no legitimate education, experience or expertise in politics, media, sociology or public policy. She is just a person who says things. Her status as the darling of far-right punditry is solely built on the oxymoron of a Black woman who is unapologetically anti-Black. So when she claimed she was “terrified” by the prospect of DEI airplane pilots, the irony that she might be the most unqualified “diversity hire” in America was lost on her.

INSTAGRAM: Challengers is coming to theaters April 26! Here is the IMAX-centric poster:

Boyculture-gay-zendaya-mike-faist-josh-oconnor-Challengers_IMAX_Online_1080x1600Terrific poster (Image via MGM)