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Apr 17 2024
Henry Cavill Nude Is Art + AIRPLANE! — Music To Crash To + No Justice For Kawaski Trawick + Is Ripley Gay? + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Nico Tortorella's got the tunes.

BELOW: Keep reading for Henry Cavill nude, music to crash by and more ...

Henry cavill nude boycultureHair and now! (Image by Chris Mann)

COCKTAILS & COCKTALK: Meet the artist who has seen Henry Cavill nude — at least in his mind, and at least on his canvas.

Airplane-the-soundtrack-boyculture-gr8erdaysYeah, you can't get this on sale at Penney's! (Image via Rusted Wave)

GedGR8ERDAYS: For the first time ever, the Airplane! soundtrack will be available in full.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Buncha queer mags.

THEM.: Cops who killed a gay Black man in NYC in 2019 will face ... no discipline.

TWITTER: Aaron Rodgers, proud he is able to look things up, asserts that Dr. Fauci deliberately caused the HIV pandemic by intentionally only coming up with AZT (which was at least something). Never mind that it was an unprecedented viral outbreak that spread like wildfire across Planet Earth, Rogers thinks Fauci moved too slowly. On purpose. That is a sociopath right there.

POLITICO: Is disgraced Dem. Sen. Bob Menendez going to throw his own wife to the dogs?

PEOPLE: Madison Cawthorn CRASHES his car into a cop.

VULTURE: Is Tom Ripley even gay?

OMG.BLOG!: Good hair is wasted on bad people!

TIKTOK: Gay French trash collector is winning hearts and minds.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Good ol' racist Rudy.

NEWFEST: As I wrote early today, Monday's NewFest screening of I Think I Do was a total trip. The Queering the Canon: Besties screenings were so diverse and interesting, and all were films I'd made time to see back in the day! I regret not re-investigating Set It Off (classic), My Own Private Idaho (seen several times) and Go Fish (saw 1x in a theater and always fucking loved it, JUST now re-watched on Pluto and it's still so awkward and charming). Some images from those events:

New-fest-queer-films-charlie-boycultureCarmen Phillips of Autostraddle (upper left) was on hand to present Set It Off; filmmakers Guinevere Turner & Rose Troche introduced Go Fish (lower left); and National Anthem star Charlie Plummer and director Luke Gilford handled My Own Private Idaho. (Images courtesy of NewFest)