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Apr 14 2024
Iran Attacks Israel + MELROSE PLACE Musings + Radcliffe vs. Rowling + Trump's Future + Leftist Activist Charged Over Terroristic Threats + MORE — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Nude dude tackled at Coachella.

BELOW: Keep reading for Iran-Israel fireworks, Melrose Place musings, Trump's future and more ...

MATTHEW-FIELDING-JR-MELROSE-gay-boycultureThis man deserves a break. (Image via FOX)

INSTINCT: Will Melrose Place — coming back a third time — do better by its queer characters?

Biden-white-house-situation-room-boycultureKeep Trump far away, please. (Image via White House Official Photo)

HUFF POST: Iran has launched drone and possibly ballistic missile attacks on Israel, a retaliatory first. It's so unsettling reading all the bile on Twitter — Russian bots, far-left anti-Biden TOLDJAs, far-right anti-Biden TOLDJAs, comments about how much better off we'd be with Trump in the situation room (uh ...). Like Biden benefits from any of this, and like he caused any of it. I really don't understand the right's world view. I guess what they want is to turn Iran into a sheet of glass and they think anything tough we do in that regard won't result in anything negative for the U.S.?

TWITTER: Riddhi Patel threatened Bakersfield, California, council members multiple times, the last being a bold-faced threat to meet them at their houses and murder them. The activist was actively arrested and now faced serious charged for her terroristic threats:

TWITTER: I thought I was far to the left on so many issues, then I discovered all these actual socialists and anti-Zionist (meaning, not that they are against Netanyahu but that they believe Israel should be dissolved) kooks and I realized ... I can definitely be okay being branded centrist by loons like this, a Swiftie who thinks, like, October 7 should TOTALLY have been more violent, like, sorr-EEEE:

POLITICO: Not thrilled that Alvin Bragg is in charge of this Trump trial. He has struck me as wishy-washy. Hopefully, the trial goes through and Trump is found guilty.

NYT: I've been wrong before, but I think polls are off and that Biden is going to secure a second term. I know Trump has frothy-mouthed trogs who will come out of the woodwork to vote for him and against modernity, but I think Biden, for all his perceived faults, has delivered an improved economy and will have a cash advantage and an incumbency advantage. I think abortion rights will be a huge help.

NYT: The man behind the Satanic Panic of the '80s and '90s has died. Hopefully, he went to hell.


KENNETH IN THE (212): Big in Japan.

FORWARD: Heartbreaking details of the murder of Blaze Bernstein, a gay teen who thought getting fucked by a Neo-Nazi tormenter would be “legendary,” and who overplayed his hand. I wish we could go back in time and talk him out of this.

POLITICO: How a Democrat might win a Senate seat in ... Nebraska? By calling himself an Independent.

OMG.BLOG!: JK Rowling despises her Harry Potter stars, and now Daniel Radcliffe has responded: