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Apr 11 2024
I THINK I DO Reunion Tix Available + Madonna & Biden Are Ridin' With The Gays + JOKER 2 Trailer Here + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: No one quite like Paul Robeson.

BELOW: Keep reading for a movie I Think you'll love, Biden ridin' with the gays, Madonna ridin' with the gays and more ...

I think i do alexis arquette movie boyculture gayThey more than thought — they did! (Image via Strand)

NEW FEST: If you're in the NYC area, you must come to the screening of writer-director Brian Sloan's brilliant queer-comedy classic I Think I Do (1997). The very funny film stars the late, great Alexis Arquette (in a male role) and has long been a favorite of mine. TICKETS HERE!

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JOE.MY.GOD.: Team Biden is NOT taking LGBTQ+ votes for granted.

HUFF POST: Alabama and Ohio want to exclude Biden from the ballot in '24. That would be especially consequential in Ohio, with a major Senate race in play.

PINK NEWS: Is Twitter boosting Death to Gays tweets?

OMG.BLOG!: Joker: Folie à Deux's trailer is here.

PEOPLE: Madonna wept while paying tribute to the 49 LGBTQ+ people murdered in the Pulse Massacre. It was her final performance in Miami, and in Florida. Now, two in Austin, five in Mexico City and on to Rio. P.S. St. Vincent talks about Madonna with Jake Shears. Oddly, a LOT of Madonna fans interpreted her assertion that LGBTQ+ no longer need straight allies to do all our heavy lifting as a huge slam. Some also hate that she asserted that Madonna is straight. Madonna has kissed lots of women, she apparently had a sexual relationship with Ingrid Casares, and yet she — the most outspoken person imaginable — has never IDed as bisexual. So I don't think it's an unforgivable sin for her to assume Madonna is basically straight: