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Apr 04 2024
Boys On Film + Hunter Schafer Rejects Trans Roles + Nebraska's Far-Right Power Grab For Trump + RIP Christopher Durang + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Her true colors are (still) shining through.

BELOW: Keep reading for hot boys in love, a trans contrarian and more ...

Jeremy-mcclain-marcus-hodson-shirtless-boyculture-gayBoys will do boys. (Image via

PECCADILLOPOD.COM: Here comes Boys on Film 24: Happy Endings! The collection of shorts features Jeremy McClain, Enzo Vogrincic and more, and is available on DVD, Blu-ray and on demand April 15.

VARIETY: Hunter Schafer, who is trans, no longer accepts trans roles — only cis or nonspecified female roles. Her logic is completely selfish, but I don't doubt a lot of people will dig it.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Nebraska's right-wingers are trying to change the state's electoral college process to favor Trump, prodded by far-right nut Charlie Kirk and aided and abetted by a state senator who just switched from Democrat to Republican. (Which should force a new election — I don't understand how this is normal to just switch parties and go on in your job.)

NYT: Gay playwright Christopher Durang has died at 75, following a 2016 diagnosis of aphasia. Check out this piece on struggling in 1967 with being gay, regarding playwright William Inge:

Wow, I lucked out with the psychologist I found at Harvard. He was close to my age … he was in training, in his late 20s. He was married and straight. He dutifully counseled me on trying to be straight. But after I had had a couple of “slips,” and in the middle of a session where I was beating myself up over having a crush on this quiet young guy I was getting to know in the dining hall, he interrupted my anger at myself and said: “Well for whatever reason, you are blocked in your feelings for women. But isn’t it better that you have feelings for someone rather than no one?”

My harangue against myself stopped cold. I was struck with his logic, and also the very important logic that human connection, including sexuality, is of value, period. It’s better than being some shut down, bitter person sitting up in a tower, no? The fact it was a straight man saying this to me, in 1970, carried enormous weight. It seemed logical. And it was also kind and empathetic of him to be open to that reasoning.

YOUTUBE: Minnesota State Sen. Glenn Gruenhagen (R) warns that telling children about the facts of life will create dopamine, leading to pornography addiction, and turning boys into “human sexual predators”:

INSTAGRAM (HEY, FOLLOW ME!): Doris Day would've turned 102 on April 3 — and she missed out by just about five years. Here, here last-ever on-camera interview: