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Apr 03 2024
Ross Lynch vs. Speedo + Biden Expresses Solidarity With World Food Kitchen + 1st Out Gay Elected U.S. Official Speaks + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: There must be an angle.

BELOW: Keep reading for Ross Lynch, Joe Biden, Joe Flaherty and more ...

ROSS LYNCH BULGEBody of water (Image via video still)

MY NEW PLAID PANTS: Ross Lynch poses for Man About Town, gives a Speedo something to think about.

HUFF POST: Biden says he's outraged by World Central Kitchen deaths in Gaza.

INSTAGRAM: RIP to SCTV and Freaks and Geeks star Joe Flaherty.

THE GUARDIAN: The last person sent to prison for being gay in the U.K.

NBC NEWS: The first out gay person elected to office in the U.S. — back in 1974 — talks about the current climate for LGBTQ+ people.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Don't miss this meltdown that Kyle Rittenhouse's ex-spokesman had over the apparently even too nightmarish for the right killer's true personality.