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Apr 19 2024
BABY REIN-Queer + Trump's Court Sharts + RFK Jr.'s Family & Friends Turn On Him + Loony Sets Himself Ablaze Outside Trump Trial + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: George O'Brien had one of those timeless faces.

BELOW: Keep reading for Baby Reindeer, Trump's sharts, RFK Jr.'s very bad week & more ...

Baby-reindeer-boycultureThis series explores its dark subject matter with surprising depth. (Image via Netflix)

SLATE: Baby Reindeer on Netflix is funny, twisted, intense and treats stalking and sexual abuse with such nuance it definitely feels like something new. Plenty of queer content, too. Definitely recommend it.

WGAL: School administration has criticized a board's decision to cancel a chat on bullying by Maulik Pancholy because the actor is gay.

TWITTER: One of the biggest stories to come out of the Trump trial in NYC Friday was an earnest story about how Trump's incessant gas has stunk up the place. No, really:

AOL: Oh, also, some guy set himself ON FIRE.

TWITTER: RFK Jr.'s own family has no issue urging voters to reject his loony ass.

438240664_18430224316029497_2308043240977031285_n(Image via TriBeCa)

GR8ERDAYS: Liza Minnelli hypes new doc about her TERRIFIC career.

NYT: Bad week for RFK Jr. — his environmental colleagues are urging him to drop his presidential bid.

POLITICO: Florida is gone, but President Biden will speak there at length about abortion-rights, perhaps the only issue in that godforsaken state likely to tilt any voters bluer.

Matthew wilkas-so-help-me-todd-gay-boycultureBad timing for Matthew (Image via CBS)

GLAAD: Matthew Wilkas was just talking So Help Me Todd, yet the queer-friendly show is already history. (It could be worse — as I recently shared, someone at Out compiled a list of nearly two dozen shows with queer characters that could only last a single season!)

David-leddick-universe-book-gay-boycultureThe end. (Image via Universe)

LEGACY.COM: I just found out that David Leddick, the colorful, Miami-based purveyor of vintage beefcake who was a prolific author and fabled raconteur, died last year at 93. Shocked it never crossed my radar.

EXTRATV: All about Clara Bow, who was granted a song on Taylor Swift's instantly umpteen-selling 11th studio album.

DEADLINE: A sequel to Priscilla, Queen of the Desert will shoot with its original cast members!

2-SN1sThis bitch! (GIF via GIPHY)