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Apr 27 2024
Tye Sheridan: Nude Dude Comments (0)


Via Mr. Man:

Tye Sheridan nude has entered the chat, finally. Sheridan was twenty-two years old when he landed the lead in Steven Spielberg's sci-fi family movie Ready Player One in 2018. He's been busy yet out of the headlines since then, until now. Everyone (and by everyone we mean us and anyone with taste!) is talking about Tye's frontal debut in his new movie Asphalt City. We'll get into what Asphalt City is about as well as break down this historic celebrity penis moment in this blog post ...


In Asphalt City Tye Sheridan plays a rookie paramedic who takes the harrowing nightshift in New York City. A lot of stuff goes down, but thankfully Tye has his grizzled yet dutiful partner, played by Sean Penn, to guide him through these perilous nights. 

Does this sound like a movie that calls for nudity? No. Is this where Tye decides to make his cock debut? Yes. Tye gets intimate in a couple of straight sex scenes. In one he slips us his cock at the very end after getting out of bed.

This other scene is where it's at. You don't have to look too closely to see this twunk’s visibly excited (and visibly thick and visibly veiny, TYVM) member slip into frame for a couple of brief but glorious seconds.

Prior to Asphant City Tye had only very minimally teased his buns in 2018's The Mountain. We love seeing what's between Tye's thighs...