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May 21 2024
Jack Adamsing Off + Amber Rose For Trump + Joe Piscop-Oh, No! + Tony Goldwyn's Classy Chassis + MEGALOPOLIS Showdown + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: My American idol.

BELOW: Keep reading for Speedos, Trump's umpteenth lie, Tony Goldwyn's package and more ...

The-rock-smashing-machine-safdie-shirtless-boyculture... how?! (Image via A24)

INDIEWIRE: Somehow, the above pic is The Rock in makeup for the film The Smashing Machine, directed by Benny Safdie. I can't see him at all in this look/makeup/prosthetics.

Jack-adams-hot-bulge-sexy-gay-shirtless-boycultureHis suit is working hard. (Image via Jack Adams)

JACK ADAMS: Nope, not a paid ad, I just think Jack Adams has hot models.

TWITTER: Amber Rose, who has made a name for herself as a slut (literally, not pejoratively), was welcomed with open arms to Mar-a-Lago, and has endorsed Trump to her 24.5M IG followers.

Joe-Piscopo-boycultureDead from New Jersey, it's ... what day is it again?! (Image via video still)

TWITTER: JFC, Joe Piscopo is only 72 and looks like Jackie Mason TODAY. Watching him rim Trump in this short clip is stomach-turning, and at the end, when he ask Trump if he looks good (and gets no reply) ... it's funnier than anything this hack ever did on SNL.

POLITICO: In Trump's New York trial, old-school lawyer Robert Costello was such a jerk-off on the stand, the judge admonished him for attempting to stare him down.

INSTAGRAM: Tony Goldwyn turned 64 this week, and is hotter than ever. Also busy! Love him on Hacks.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Action shots.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Does anyone still wear a hat?

REVIEWS ARE IN: Megalopolis is amazing. Or a joke.

MSNBC: Surprise! Trump lied when he promised he would testify in his hush-money trial in NYC.

NOTICE: If you might be interested in buying some Mr. Brainwash prints I have, HMU: [email protected]

CNN: Abby Phillip did her best with Cam'ron in an interview about the Diddy video. The rapper was just a straight-up buffoon throughout, and pretended not to have known why he was there: