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May 03 2024
Dr. Evan Antin Whips Out His Snake + Trump Okay With Prosecuting Women Who Seek Abortions + Jack Kennedy Schlossberg Is High On Life + Presidential Medal Of Freedom Recipients + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Sam Asghari got himself a dog. And supposedly, it is in the picture above.


Samuel-ook-ass-boyculture-butt-gayI almost think he's showing off on purpose. (Image via video stills)

BELOW: Keep reading for Dr. Antin's big snake, Trump gunning for wombed citizens and more ...

Evan-antin-boycultureI could gopher that. (Image via video still)

INSTAGRAM: Dr. Evan Antin whips out his snake.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Among other news items, a depressing story about Olivia and Rona Newton-John.

VARIETY: A new docuseries features NINE totally new allegations against Kevin Spacey, from school-days groping to an assault on a House of Cards castmate.

TWITTER: Um, what is Jack Kennedy Schlossberg on, exactly?!

CNN: Trump Media's accountants charged with massive fraud.

WHITE HOUSE: President Biden has announced 19 people who will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom:

Mike Bloomberg, Gregory J. Boyle, James E. Clyburn, Elizabeth Dole, Phil Donahue, Medgar Evers (posthumous), Al Gore, Clarence B. Jones, John Kerry, Frank Lautenberg (posthumous), Katie Ledecky, Opal Lee, Ellen Ochoa, Nancy Pelosi, Jane Rigby, Teresa Romero, Judy Shepard, Jim Thorpe (posthumous), Michelle Yeoh

INSTAGRAM: Look, Trump is seriously okay with PROSECUTING women who have abortions.

DAILY BEAST: RFK Jr. is in bed with MAGA, cool with January 6.

INDEPENDENT: George Galloway, head of the British Workers Party (socialists) says gay people are not normal, and children shouldn't be taught that they are. Okay, then! Left and right, at the ends, joining in a circle if idiocy.

GR8ERDAYS: Mick Jagger called out Louisiana's MAGA governor at Jazz Fest, and also brought out Irma Thomas for a duet. Irma originally recorded “Time Is on My Side,” now a Stones staple, over 60 years ago, 1 year before the Stones. Jagger is 80, Thomas is 83.

TIKTOK: Raven-Symoné took to Twitter to passionately defend her wife after trolls and supposed fans have sent her DEATH THREATS over the impression they have that she had never heard of Raven prior to their relationship:

@momdaughter1948 #ravensymone & her wife responds to the hateful comments (🎥: mirandamaday) on #tiktok #for #foryoupage #fyp #fypp #4yp ♬ original sound - Mom & Daughter