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May 19 2024
Timothée Chalamet For Chanel + Why Is Being A Grump Old Gay Cool? + Diddy's Sorry + Cynthia Nixon, Jean Smart, BRIDGERTON & MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Biden is not Trump. Trump is not Biden. Tell your friends.

BELOW: Keep reading for Timothée Chalamet, gay vs. queer and more ...

Boyculture-chalamet-chanel-05182024Are you lookin' at me? (Image via video still)

SOCIALITE LIFE: Timothée Chalamet appears in a new Chanel ad shot by Martin Scorsese.

CBC: Canadian gay man who moved to the big city for safety writes about moving back to a small town.

TIKTOK: I sincerely despise the Grumpy Old Gay, doing his promo all over right-wing social media. So you don't like the word queer? If someone uses it to describe, tell 'em you prefer gay. No need to talk to right-wingers for clout and bray about people IDing as lampshades. It's not fucking funny, and it's very fucking harmful.

NBC NEWS: The FBI warning us that terrorists may be plotting to disrupt Pride celebrations this year is unwelcome news. The comments on these articles are filled with people claiming that it's allllll to smear Palestine. Everything that happens now is a psy-op about Palestine. Let's hope this warning is sincere, and yet that the content of it never comes to fruition.

DROWNED MADONNA: Madonna attended the final evening performance of the critically lambasted Broadway musical Lempicka, all about one of her artistic heroes. The more people who rushed to see the show before it closes today, the more I heard it was actually much better than the reviews suggested.

EXTRATV: Diddy says he's sorry for beating up, um, that lady in the video. (He never even names his victim!)

MONTANA RIGHT NOW: Meet Spain's first out gay football star. Alberto Lejárraga has been out for about a year.

PAGE SIX: Cynthia Nixon recalls when Sex and the City was criticized as secretly being about gay men — as if that were a valid criticism.

CNN: Jean Smart talks about what it means to her to be dubbed a gay icon.

STYLECASTER: Is Francesca Bridgerton gay?

PV NEWS: One of Puerto Vallarta's biggest gay hotels SEIZED by bank.

INSTAGRAM: Did you miss my tribute to late, great daddy Pernell Roberts?!