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May 17 2024
DeMarco Morgan's Scary Snake + Loony Cop Thinks Lyft Driver's Kidnapping Him Into A Gay Frat, Kills Him + 1st-Ever Gay KissCam Couple For The NHL + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Just wow.

BELOW: Keep reading for a big dick, a gay-panicky cop and more ...

Demarco-morgan-big-dick-bulge-gay-boycultureDon't touch that ... dial. Good Moaning America! (Images via ABC & Instagram)

Koby-minor-anti-gay-murderer-alleged-atlanta-boycultureNYP: Apparently, the brass at ABC is worries about gay newsman DeMarco Morgan's precocious bulge.

WSBTV: Prescription pill-abusing former cop shot and killed his Lyft driver after hearing voices and coming to the conclusion the victim was in a gay frat and trying to kidnap and recruit him. This gives the gay panic defense a new lease on life, no?

HUFF POST: Biden moves to classify pot as a less dangerous drug.

REUTERS: Pastor Steven Anderson is too anti-gay for Botswana.

OUTSPORTS: Meet the NHL's first gay couple to KissCam it.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Gay mags 'n' rags.

Gay-boyculture-trending(Image by @lonliwenphotography for Trending Male Model)