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May 06 2024
Vintage Beef + ALL OF US STRANGERS On Blu-ray + TV Stardom Making A Mountain Out Of Murray Hill + Savage Obit + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Forever one of NYC's sexiest.

BELOW: Keep reading for vintage beef (the good kind), an All of Us Strangers surprise and more ...

GMuctHwWgAA9IeCAn oldie, but a goodie (Image via Twitter)

TWITTER: One of Twitter's most fun accounts — RetroHomo.

All-of-us-strangers-gay-movie-boycultureDying! A Blu-ray! (Image via Amazon.)

AMAZON: Region-free Blu-ray of All of Us Strangers is coming!

SOCIALITE LIFE: All about the fabulous Murray Hill, of Somebody, Somewhere.

THR: RIP to legendary stuntwoman Jeannie Epper, who worked on Wonder Woman with Lynda Carter.

QUEERTY: Gay man offers unsparing obit for his Jehovah's Witness dad — and and the rest of his right-wing Christian family writes him out of existence.

YOUTUBE: Okay, my May 24 now has two hours accounted for — Queen of the Deuce, about the Greek Jewish grandma who ran a gay-porn empire, sounds right up my alley: