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Jun 13 2024
I Smell A Rat + Alan Cumming Pushes LGBTQ+ Inclusiveness For THE TRAITORS + Pulse: 8 Years On + Colman Domingo's New Gig + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I never see posters like THIS.

BELOW: Keep reading for hot rodent men, a Traitor-ous plea, a SCOTUS abortion ruling and more ...

Boyculture-josh-o-connor-nude-pubesIf that's a rat, pass the cheese. (Image via Mr. Man)

OMG.BLOG!: As my recent post from Mr. Man on Rodent Men should imply, I think it's a really stupid moniker. Andrew McCarthy has felt bad for 40 years about being forcibly included in something called the Brat Pack — imagine how my baby Josh O'Connor feels being lumped in with some Rodent Men?!

EW: Alan Cumming talks about lobbying for more queer people on Season 3 of the U.S. version of The Traitors, especially since Peppermint went so fast on Season 2. Well, the thing is, he's right. I have noticed — and I don't think any of the players on the U.S. or U.K. versions have seemed outwardly racist or homophobic — that there is a pack tendency to rally around people who are more like you than not like you. This isn't 100%, but it felt like queer people, older people and POC, roughly in that order, from the three seasons I have seen, seem more likely to be voted out sooner rather than later. I think it's human nature. So, the more diverse the better, and the less likely that comes into play. (Diane vs. Anthony on Season 2 of the U.K Traitors started out very Karen-esque, though she rebounded and got off his back.)

Yes, I'm watching this reality show now.

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Just ... divine. (And I don't care if that sounds like I'm in a caftan.)

ORLANDO SENTINEL: Eight years later, the victims of the Pulse Massacre are remembered.

INSTAGRAM: I realize Kevin Leonardo is nothing but insincere, talentless rage-farming, but MAN, I wish the community — with all our differences — could just come together and reject him in a way that is irreversible. The next level beyond canceling. Canceling's too good for him.

Thr-gay-funny-boycultureFunny ha-ha, or funny queer? (Image via THR)

THR: Sure, a couple of them are gay (yay!) but ... like ... how many of them are funny?!

KENNETH IN THE (212): Her name is Marcie and she dances on the sand.

CBS NEWS: Lia Thomas's challenge to World Aquatics over its gender policy has been dismissed.

JULIEN'S: This Marilyn Monroe-worn gown just sold for $250K!

Colman-domingo-boyculture-CoverArt_WildwithHappyAnything Colman does, I'm there. (Image via Audible)

AUDIBLE: Colman Domingo's Wild with Happy is out now on Audible. It's a dark comedy about death that features himself, Oprah, Sharon Washington, Alex Newell and Tyler James Williams.

VARIETY: Trump is so bothered by Taylor Swift's liberalism, he's attempting to make it harder for her to endorse Biden/Harris by whining about it before it happens.

NBC NEWS: The Supreme Court has tossed the case against access to a popular abortion drug — based on standing.

For anyone who has not yet caught Boy Culture: Generation X, the long-awaited sequel to the film Boy Culture, it's finally available to easily stream on Dekkoo!