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Jun 05 2024
Introducing BoyCulture — The Substack! Plus: LIFETIME SUBS Comments (0)


Look, I've been blogging free here since 2005 (!) — and I love it. And I will continue to aggregate news, adding in personal opinions.

But I am also excited to be launching a Substack.

At BoyCulture Substack, I will post interviews and other original posts of more depth and length, including some great Q&As that I conducted while researching an upcoming piece on Mandate and the other Mavety Media magazines, so much of which did not fit in the final piece.

I would love it if you would subscribe — it's free, with $8 as the first paid level (for 1 month).

Another option — during Pride Month, from now through June 30, anyone who subscribes for $150 through me directly on this post gets a lifetime sub to the Substack. No renewals necessary.

$150 to Paypal and I do the rest.

Thank you!

By the way, my first post is live now.