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Jun 09 2024
Lon Of New York: An Eternal Devotee Of The Beautiful Comments (0)


I just added to my BoyCulture Substack my vintage interview with the late, great Lon of New York, one of the best physique photographers who ever did it.

Lon is now long-dead, and my interview itself is 27 years old. But I spruced it up with some incredible imagery, and I think it's far more interesting than ever.

Lon-connoisseur-boyculture(Image via Connoisseur Album No. 1)

At BoyCulture Substack, I will post interviews and other original posts of more depth and length, including some great Q&As that I conducted while researching an upcoming piece on Mandate and the other Mavety Media magazines, so much of which did not fit in the final piece.

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