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Jun 03 2024
Cyndi Lauper's Last Stand + Kylie Minogue Saddles Up Orville Peck + She Married A Gay Man + Movies, Music & More For Pride! + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Boyculture-gay-girls-just-want-to-have-fun-Cyndi_credit_Ruven_AfanadorThe original Cyn (Image via Ruven Afanador)

ABOVE: Cyndi Lauper's just-announced Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Farewell Tour goes on sale tomorrow (pre-sale). I loved the photo, and thought it belonged up top. On the Cyndi tip:

BELOW: Keep reading for Pride ups and downs, Kylie Minogue jumps on the country bandwagon, dogs and music and more ...

AP: Oh, my God! I love this! Idaho drag queen (first of all, just that) Eric Posey was awarded $1.1M in damages in his defamation lawsuit against Summer Bushnell, a right-wing blogger who claimed the performer had flashed his genitalia at a large crowd, including kids. This wasn't a good-faith mistake, this was a case where the blogger used doctored video in which Posey's private area was blurred to suggest wrongdoing. The actual video revealed Posey was completely clothed. We need to do this more often. I'm fucking sick of these people falsely accusing all LGBTQ+ people of pedophilia and of endangering kids — NOBODY wants to defend kidfuckers, so this becomes their go-to — smear the queers and ruin lives without consequence. Glad Summer is enjoying a nuclear winter. P.S. The doctored video is STILL UP..

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THREADS (MY FIRST THREADS EMBED!): Truth in advertising. BTW, follow me there.


OMG.BLOG!: TikToker randomly interviews man on the street, who turns out to be Baz Luhrmann. Luhrmann is very open to fucking other people, but not open to bad lighting.

YOUTUBE: Diane von Furstenberg: Woman in Charge is coming to Hulu — and it looks like a can't-miss:

Maybe we can finally better understand how a woman living a man's life (as she says) can live happily ever after married to a gay man.

Love-jamie-trans-pride-gay-lgbt-lgbtq-boyculture-pbsGabriel Joffe, the doc's co-subject, in a photo with Jamie (Image via PBS)

PBS: Premiering today is the doc Love, Jamie, about a 66-year-old Mexican-American trans woman and self-taught artist who spent 30 years in a men's prison in Texas. Check it out, and do so with the knowledge that Jamie was paroled early this past Friday.

Boyculture-Pride-2024-Protect-Our-Pride-Mini-PR-BannerWe are in an era of unprecedented pushback. (Image via GLAAD)

GLAAD: GLAAD announces Protect Our Pride push, including LGBTQ community research hub, a pop-up show, an expansion of programs and also a launch of new national campaigns.

OUT NW: I'm so honored by this short Out NW piece!

YOUTUBE: Kylie Minogue debuts disco country song with Orville Peck and Diplo:

NORMAL ANOMALY INITIATIVE: In this case, there is no time like the present:

The Normal Anomaly Initiative, one of the nation’s premier advocacy organizations for empowering Black LGBTQIA+ individuals and a leading voice in the fight for LGBTQIA+ rights, proudly announces the launch of a media tour unlike any other. The Black Queer AF (BQAF) Media Tour will travel to seven cities, bringing a unique blend of culture and awareness through discussions, podcasts, live music, and exclusive content focused on uplifting Black, queer culture.

SaveTheDate_BQAF(Image via the Normal Anomaly Initiative)

INSTAGRAM: Reminder about the beautiful son of Errol Flynn, Sean Flynn, who would have turned 83 this week. I always find it so jarring to realize how old the children of Old Hollywood celebs are or would be (even many of the kids are dead of old age).

YOUTUBE: My God, the sound — inject it into my veins: