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Jun 16 2024
Jockstrap Fever + Kate Middleton Reappears + Bullish On Biden + Guys With Chest Hair + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Tumblr_3003f4c5291d2acf21604753c30d13b2_af005a07_640(GIF via GIPHY)

ABOVE: Jorge Rivero really and truly knew how to wear a pair of skivvies.

BELOW: Keep reading for even more underwear and some hard news, too ...

Jockstraps-boycultureLove for sale (Image via Adonis)

ADONIS: Adonis has restocked its Pride jockstrap.

GARÇON MODEL: Another fun underthing for Pride.

UnnamedCheeky (Image via Garçon Model)

EXTRATV: Kate Middleton made her first public appearance since Christmas, looking healthy.

Mike-ruizUncle Carl (Image by Mike Ruiz)

THE CAFTAN CHRONICLES: Hunky altruist Carl Siciliano opens up to The Caftan Chronicles.

POLITICO: German chancellor is bullish on Biden's re-election prospects.

TWITTER: Hilarious! Reese Witherspoon impersonates Nicole Kidman so well.

Male-model-feet-gay-boycultureBedroom, or hammock, eyes (Image via Instagram)


OUT: Guys with chest hair galore.

INSTAGRAM: Mike Ruiz shoots Erika Jayne.

INSTAGRAM: Olivia Newton-John is dead, but was a well-established LGBTQ+ supporter. So, it's shocking that so many straight-up bigots feel comfy trashing Pride on a post made by her account. What is happening? Do we need to burn things down again?

KENNETH IN THE (212): I need a big boy.

LAist: 1990s-era anti-gay traffic signs are removed.