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Jul 01 2024
RIP Model Renauld White + Biden Must Go? Biden Must Stay! + The Enduring Appeal Of SMALLTOWN BOY + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Instagram felt these images of Gil Bellows might go against their guidelines and warned me to consider removing them. All the more reason to keep them. A theme.

BELOW: Keep reading for the loss of a modeling trailblazer, the Biden issue and more ...

Gq-renauld-boycultureFace man (Image via GQ)

DEADLINE: RIP Renauld White, 80. He was the first African-American man on the cover of GQ, and later worked on TV's The Guiding Light.

Bronski-boy-smalltown-beat-gay-boycultureI loved this song then, I love it now. (Image via London)

THE GUARDIAN: Why Bronski Beat's “Smalltown Boy” resonates 40 years on.

POLITICO: Biden's family is with him — urges him to fight on. I don't think people who are longing for a youthful candidate realize, fully, how disastrous a change in course could be at this late date. Biden has the incumbency, name recognition, new polling is suggesting voters are coalescing around him in spite of the debate debacle. Plus, an open convention would be chaotic, would produce someone chosen by elites, and there's zero chance the presumably consensus candidate would not immediately be lambasted, too. Nobody's going to be palatable to enough people to avoid at least the same likelihood of defeat as Biden. I'm voting for Democrats, period, and I understand that Biden is super old. But I'm leery of this unprecedented course of action too many people are suggesting so flippantly.

ANDREW TOBIAS: Andrew Tobias is one of the Dem operatives who immediately dumped on Biden in the wake of the debate. He's now changing his mind.

NYT: France lurches rightward in first-round voting, suggesting Macron's gambit to force an immediate vote has failed him and the country miserably. However, there is a runoff July 7. Here's hoping voters realize elevating fascists isn't going to end well for France.

NETFLIX: Coming soon, a groundbreaking gay dating show from Japan: