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Jul 30 2020
Le Male + Biden's Pick + Right-Wing Power Broker Dies Of COVID-19 + The History Of CRUISING + Breonna Taylor On O + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Eye on you.

BELOW: Keep reading for Gaultier nostalgia, sending off Rep. Lewis, the complex history of Cruising and more ...

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Jul 28 2020
Coming Out At 90 + Emmy Noms + Helmut Newton Doc + Raunchy Game Show + Vintage Thirst Traps + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Shrink, expand — just make 'em fit.

BELOW: Keep reading for a jock coming out as bi, a 90-year-old coming out as gay, a helluva game show, a helluva documentary and a Boomer flashback for the ages ...

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Jul 16 2020
Jake Picking By Sharon Stone + Chrissy Teigen vs. Trolls + Fools' Golddigger + Sebastian Bach Slams Trump + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: And I've held on to this clipping ever since.

BELOW: Keep reading for Hollywood's Jake Picking, Chrissy Teigen vs. pedogate trolls, the hack to end all hacks (or was it a dry run?) and more ...

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Jul 10 2020
You're Welcome: Roger For Walking Jack Comments (0)

Roger by LouisC - Walking Jack Bluebird Solid Briefs 04boyculture(All images by Louis C. Photography for Walking Jack)

Roger (GRRR) in his Walking Jack undies, as shot by Louis C. Photography.

Roger by LouisC - Walking Jack Bluebird Solid Briefs 06boyculture

Much more below ...

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Jul 08 2020
You're Welcome: Max's First Time, For Curbwear Comments (0)

Curbwear-boyculture-11(Images via Curbwear)

Meet 21-year-old Max, a guy spotted near Curbwear's HQ of Rye, South-East England, who was recruited right off the street to pose in the brand's cheeky underwear.


I, uh, think he nailed it ...

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Jun 26 2020
You're Welcome: Modus Vivendi Meets Greeks Come True Comments (0)

Boyculture-mv x gct (1)Good, clean fun (Images by Yiorgos Kaplanidis for Modus Vivendi)

Modus Vivendi and Greeks Come True are teaming up again, and, as always, it's a match made in:


This time, it's an 85-minute film of raw fun.


Via press release:

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Jun 13 2020
Lindsey Graham Loves Joe Biden Comments (0)

Lindsey-graham-joe-biden-boycultureTraitorous sack o' shit (Image via video still)

Every politician comes out strongly pro or con about a person or subject — especially in a primary atmosphere — in ways that could later be used to accuse them of hypocrisy.

But nobody, NOBODY, has ever spoken out as strongly against Trump and then turned around and embraced him wholeheartedly, and nobody, NOBODY, has ever spoken out as warmly in favor of Joe Biden and then turned around and stabbed him in the back, as Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina).

Must see this ad ...

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Jun 08 2020
This Is Wake-Up Call + BOYS ON FILM + Cop-Free Minneapolis? + CrossFit CEO's George Floyd Harakiri + Poland's First Gay TV Ad + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: In case you're not sure what the T-shirt means, click here.

BELOW: Keep reading for an all-nude wake-up, a cop-free Minneapolis, a criminal who is criminally cute, why it may be time to throw a CrossFit and more ...

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