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Sep 03 2023
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Etalon-gay-shirtless(Image via Étalon)

I don't know the brand, but they've got my number. More here.

Aug 27 2023
Jacksonville Shooter Hated Black People, Killed 3 + RIVERDALE Foursome Generates Backlash + Raven Asks Whoopi If She's A Stud + RIP Arleen Sorkin, Harley Quinn Voice & Inspiration + MORE — 6-PACK Comments (0)

CHARLIE-BY-MZ-boycultureThis creative director understands life. (Image via Charlie by MZ)

ABOVE: And the call him, Charlie ... by MZ.

BELOW: Keep reading for Jacksonville shooter was racially motivated, Riverdale foursome generates controversy, Raven asks Whoopi THE QUESTION and more ...

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Aug 15 2023
Aaron Taylor-Johnson: Reluctant Piece Of Ass + Bradley Cooper's Bernstein Movie + Fani Willis Will Try Trump & Co. At Once + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I'm afraid I know this one by heart.

BELOW: Keep reading for Aaron Taylor-Johnson's reluctant abs, a paper going out of business thanks to a homophobe and more ...

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Aug 07 2023
Brotherly Bath + The Mystery Of Connie Converse + RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE Romance + Alabama Ferry Brawl + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Charlie-by-mz-ass-butt-booty-shirtless-underwear-mens-fashion-gay-boyculture(Image via Charlie by MZ)

ABOVE: People ask if Charlie by MZ pays me. Nope. These images just endlessly fascinate.

BELOW: Keep reading for brotherly love (no, really!), Noah Schnapp on playing Will, a royal romance, that Alabama brawl and more ...

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Jul 19 2023
Troye Sivan Pushes Back On RUSH Video Critiques + BARBIE? Girl! + Full-Frontal, Partial-Backal + RFK Jr. & Jesse Watters Dragged By Family + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Red-hot James Brolin is — gulp — 83 this week!

BELOW: Keep reading for body positivity, positively body-ody-ody, Barbie positivity and more...

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Jul 06 2023
Chris Meloni Puts His Size 12 On Display + Ricky Martin Single + NO CIRCUIT GAYS + Nicholas Galitzine & Taylor Zakhar Perez Get Naked In RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Follow Christopher Harrity — he always has good content.

BELOW: Keep reading for Chris Meloni, Cary Grant, Ricky Martin and more ...

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Jul 01 2023
Leonardo Hanna Azrak For Modus Vivendi Comments (0)

Boyculture-male-nudity-shirtless-gay-boyculture-male-nudity-shirtless-gay-Siren_Square_No_Logo (4)(Images by Joan Crisol for Modus Vivendi)

Model-of-the-moment Leonardo Hanna Azrak wears the Siren Collection from Modus Vivendi. From a press release:

Boyculture-male-nudity-shirtless-gay-boyculture-male-nudity-shirtless-gay-Siren_Square_No_Logo (8)MODUS VIVENDI, as a fashion brand, is thrilled to unveil its latest masterpiece, the Siren Collection from the Pre-Fall 2023 Collection. This exquisite drop of clothing embodies the epitome of alluring fashion temptation, promising to captivate and seduce all who encounter it while it urges you to discover the latest fashion trends offering a mix of bold and versatile pieces for the fashion-forward individual.

Inspired by the enchanting allure of the Ancient Greek mythical Sirens: singular // Σειρήν, Seirḗn; plural // Σειρῆνες, Seirênes, MODUSVIVENDI design team has skillfully crafted a collection that exudes captivating elegance and undeniable charm. The Sirens, with their mesmerizing abilities, serve as a powerful symbol for the irresistible lure that fashion can possess. Prepare to be transported into a world where beauty and temptation intertwine, leaving you spellbound and longing for more.

Boyculture-male-nudity-shirtless-gay-Siren_Square_No_Logo (1)The first drop of the Siren Collection introduces an extraordinary selection of fashion trends that will undoubtedly make a lasting impression. Each garment has been meticulously designed to elicit either an eye-catching gaze or a jaw-dropping reaction. With every piece, MODUS VIVENDI sets a new standard for fashion-forward individuals seeking to express their unique style and embrace their inner seductress.

From asymmetrical cuts to shiny diamonds, the Siren Collection showcases a range of dresses that exude confidence and sensuality. These statement pieces are designed to leave a lasting impression wherever you go.

Siren Collection promises to transport you into a world of unparalleled elegance and temptation. With its captivating designs and impeccable craftsmanship, this collection is set to redefine the boundaries of fashion and ignite a sense of seduction within all who wear it.

Boyculture-male-nudity-shirtless-gay-Siren_Square_No_Logo (11)
Boyculture-male-nudity-shirtless-gay-Siren_Square_No_Logo (11)
Boyculture-male-nudity-shirtless-gay-Siren_Square_No_Logo (11)
Boyculture-male-nudity-shirtless-gay-Siren_Square_No_Logo (11)
Boyculture-male-nudity-shirtless-gay-Siren_Square_No_Logo (11)
Boyculture-male-nudity-shirtless-gay-Siren_Square_No_Logo (11)
Boyculture-male-nudity-shirtless-gay-Siren_Square_No_Logo (11)

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Jun 22 2023
Underwear's The Party + THE STROLL Explores Trans Sex Work In NYC + Ohio Vs. LGBTQ Kids + Cyndi Lauper's Pride Message + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Still so sad to think about how young E. Lynn Harris died. P.S. The Relevant Queer is a valuable follow.

BELOW: Keep reading for a sexy bedhead, Cyndi's Pride message, a new doc on trans sex workers and more ...

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