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May 31 2014
THE ADVOCATE's Basic Instinct Comments (0)


I know it's the weekend, but someone is asleep at The Advocate if this is the headline they think best suits the story of a woman who killed one of her children, attacked another and attempted suicide. Has any mainstream news source ever written about a heterosexual woman who killed her kids? Nope. The emphasis on her lesbianism is odd, all the more so coming from a supposed LGBT resource.

How about:

Woman Attacks Her Children, Killing One, Blames Bible Sermon


The story itself is tragic: A woman drowned the toddler she was raising with her partner, their children's biological mother, and drugged their 10-year-old son before attempting suicide. She left a note blaming her ex-partner and a recent sermon she'd heard.

May 16 2014
Melissa McCarthy Is So Gay Comments (0)

Melissa-McCarthy-TammyIf Sarandon's look is what people mean when they say aging gracefully, why not just be hot instead if you can?

Melissa McCarthy chats with The Advocate about her relationship with gay people, her sexuality and her career.

On being introduced to LGBT people for the first time:

“All of my friends were gay. In high school we started going to downtown Chicago clubs like Berlin, one of the best gay bars ever. I remember being undressed and then redressed by two drag queens up on a pillar, and at the end I looked like Bea Arthur. At 43, it’s still one of the greatest nights of my life.”

OMG...I am two years older than Melissa and went to Berlin religiously. I wonder if she was still going in college? What a kick to imagine I might've been in the same club with a future A-list superstar (and very funny, sweet woman). I love crossed-paths what-if scenarios like that.

She has this to say regarding how she's raising her kids to be LGBT-friendly:

“Well, I actually love that I don’t really have to talk about it either. Our friends at the table are gay couples, and my kids have friends with same-sex parents. It’s just a part of this next generation, so there’s no need to explain it. It’s a fantastic reality without lines or rights and wrongs. I love that my girls see no difference between those same-sex couples and the male-female couples that we hang out with. I’m more proud of that than anything.”

TAMMY-Teaser-loMost subversively, she pooh-poohs anyone who claims not to have questioned his or her sexuality at some point:

“I don’t buy it if anyone says they haven’t. I think everyone does at some point. Growing up with so many gay friends, I was always in the minority as a straight girl, so there was definitely a time when I was like, 'Boy, everywhere we go, I’m not meeting any fun guys…am I looking in the wrong place?' But then I met Ben and [sighs] I liked him. It’s all just part of growing up and finding yourself.”

McCarthy is plugging her summer (July 2) movie Tammy, another of her knee-slappin' caper flicks, and one in which ageless Susan Sarandon improbably plays her grandmother.

Trailer after the jump...

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Apr 29 2014
Need To Know: The Air Sucked Out Of Giovanni's Room, Juicy Survey, Z's Hot V + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy culturePhilly gay bookstore Giovanni's Room closing May 17.

*widget boy cultureBI, BI BABY: Evan Rachel Wood's Twitterview with Advocate.

*widget boy cultureMadonna & Lady Gaga's early careers compared.

*widget boy cultureFrom bad to worse in Uganda.

*widget boy cultureGay teens heart steroids.

*widget boy cultureZachary Quinto can get it!

Zachary-QuintoHe better work (out)!

Apr 22 2014
Aping Up: Richard Rothstein's Tarzan Boy Comments (0)
  Richard-Rothstein-7 Richard-Rothstein-1 Richard-Rothstein-2 Richard-Rothstein-3 Richard-Rothstein-4 Richard-Rothstein-5 Richard-Rothstein-6 Richard-Rothstein-8

Richard Rothstein's magnificent Tarzan-themed series with model Rob Eco was the subject of a recent Advocate spotlight. Check out his images of Rob (from the Tarzan and MTA shoots) in the gallery above; artist and muse were definitely hooted at and threatened during these experiences.

Apr 07 2014
Net Gain Comments (0)

Via The Advocate: Notre Dame senior Matt Dooley, a tennis star, was struggling with secretly being gay, unsure of whether he should come out. He started with his best friend, then his coach, then told his teammates. The school shot this fairly incredible video documenting the process...

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