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Nov 19 2018
Sugar Baby Suit + Rugby Team Fights For Gay Member + China Sentences Writer To 10 Years For Gay Scenes + Locker Luck-Out + Thighs & Butts, Please + Somebody's Naked Son + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: You'll want to Gage his many talents.

BELOW: Keep reading for a sugar baby lawsuit, accidental locker-room nudity, someone's hot son and more ...

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Nov 17 2018
Fleshback: Rock Hudson & Dean Paul Martin Comments (0)

Today, two very different Fleshback choices, including the gay actor Rock Hudson — the first superstar to die of AIIDS — and Dean Paul Martin:

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Nov 13 2018
Fleshback: Dack Rambo Comments (0)

Who can forget this beauty, gone too soon?

More Blasts from the Past HERE!

Nov 11 2018
Chris Peen + Gay Latino Suing Tucker Carlson + Rock Hudson Biopic Coming + Rick Scott Suing Mad + Trump DOES Know Whitaker + SNL's Sorry + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Daddy issues.

BELOW: Trump can't stand the rain, Rick Scott wants to seize voting machines, Chris Pine's peen and more ...

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Nov 06 2018
Happy Brad Davis Day Comments (0)

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Nov 03 2018
Remembering Those Lost Comments (0)

If you haven't followed @theaidsmemorial on Instagram yet, why? It's beautiful.

Oct 23 2018
Yasss, Queen ... But Not Enough Freddie: A Review Of BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY Comments (0)

Br_comp_38_iv_fin8_cmykRami Malek — Oscar-bound? (Image via 20th Century Fox)

Bohemian Rhapsody is a well-made, watchable enough record of one of the most popular rock bands of all time, but it never rises above being a standard-issue biopic to become a great film imbued with the great drama of a great life.

The first clue that the film wasn't going to be the balls-out Freddie Mercury story so many were hoping for had to be the title — it's not called Mercury, after all, and that's because, as a project on which the surviving members of Queen collaborated, it's more a legacy-solidifying reminder of the band's accomplishments and a mere teaser of what may have made its dynamic lead singer tick.

In short, it's all just a bit too authorized.

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Oct 19 2018
Parting Glance: A Review Of Yen Tan's 1985 Comments (0)

1985_still(Image via 1985)

Director Yen Tan's 1985 is a painfully fleeting remembrance of a time when HIV was a death sentence, one that often left its victims too fearful to reach out for help, even to their own families.

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